Richard K. Larson

Books by this Author

An Introduction to Semantic Theory
By Richard K. Larson, Gabriel M.A. Segal
Current textbooks in formal semantics are all versions of, or introductions to, the same paradigm in semantic theory: Montague Grammar. Knowledge of Meaning is based on different assumptions and a different history. It provides the only introduction to truth- theoretic semantics for natural languages, fully integrating semantic theory into the modern Chomskyan program in linguistic theory and...
NeXT Step Edition
By Richard K. Larson, David S. Warren, Juliana Freire de Lima e Silva, Konstantinos Sagonas

Journal Articles by this Author

Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 35, Issue 2 (Spring 2004)
By Richard K. Larson, Franc Marušič
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 41, Issue 4 (Fall 2010)
By Richard K. Larson
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 48, Issue 3 (Summer 2017)
By Richard K. Larson
Linguistic Inquiry
Volume 50, Issue 1 (Winter 2019)
By Richard K. Larson, Svitlana Antonyuk, Lei Liu