Rocco J. Gennaro

Rocco J. Gennaro is Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Southern Indiana.

Books by this Author

Consciousness, Concepts, and Higher-Order Thoughts
By Rocco J. Gennaro
Consciousness is arguably the most important area within contemporary philosophy of mind and perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the world. Despite an explosion of research from philosophers, psychologists, and scientists, attempts to explain consciousness in neurophysiological, or even cognitive, terms are often met with great resistance. In The Consciousness Paradox, Rocco Gennaro aims to solve...

Books by this Editor

New Essays on Psychopathology and Theories of Consciousness
Edited By Rocco J. Gennaro
In Disturbed Consciousness, philosophers and other scholars examine various psychopathologies in light of specific philosophical theories of consciousness. The contributing authors—some of them discussing or defending their own theoretical work—consider not only how a theory of consciousness can account for a specific psychopathological condition but also how the characteristics of a...