Rodrigo Quian Quiroga

Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, a native of Argentina, is Professor and Director of the Bioengineering Research Centre at the University of Leicester.

Books by this Author

Encounters with the Human Brain
By Rodrigo Quian Quiroga
Imagine the astonishment felt by neuroscientist Rodrigo Quian Quiroga when he found a fantastically precise interpretation of his research findings in a story written by the great Argentinian fabulist Jorge Luis Borges fifty years earlier. Quian Quiroga studies the workings of the brain—in particular how memory works—one of the most complex and elusive mysteries of science. He and his...

Journal Articles by this Author

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 19, Issue 3 (March 2007)
By Alexander Kraskov, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Leila Reddy, Itzhak Fried, Christof Koch
Neural Computation
Volume 25, Issue 5 (May 2013)
By Luis A. Camuñas-Mesa, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga