Saul Sternberg

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Methods, Models, and Conceptual Issues
Edited By Don Scarborough, Saul Sternberg, Daniel N. Osherson
An Invitation to Cognitive Science provides a point of entry into the vast realm of cognitive science by treating in depth examples of issues and theories from many subfields. The first three volumes of the series cover Language, Visual Cognition, and Thinking.Volume 4, Methods, Models, and Conceptual Issues, expands the series in new directions. The chapters span many areas of cognitive science...

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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 33, Issue 6 (June 2021)
By Martha J. Farah, Saul Sternberg, Thomas A. Nichols, Jeffrey T. Duda, Terry Lohrenz, Yi Luo, Libbie Sonnier, Sharon L. Ramey, Read Montague, Craig T. Ramey