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By Shimon Edelman
Researchers have long sought to understand what the brain does when we see an object, what two people have in common when they see the same object, and what a "seeing" machine would need to have in common with a human visual system. Recent neurobiological and computational advances in the study of vision have now brought us close to answering these and other questions about...

Journal Articles by this Author

Artificial Life
Volume 12, Issue 1 (Winter 2006)
By Shimon Edelman
Neural Computation
Volume 5, Issue 5 (September 1993)
By Yair Weiss, Shimon Edelman, Manfred Fahle
Neural Computation
Volume 7, Issue 2 (March 1995)
By Shimon Edelman
Neural Computation
Volume 9, Issue 4 (May 15, 1997)
By Shimon Edelman, Sharon Duvdevani-Bar
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 32, Issue 12 (December 2020)
By Meng-Huan Wu, David Kleinschmidt, Lauren Emberson, Donias Doko, Shimon Edelman, Robert Jacobs, Rajeev Raizada