Tomaso Vecchi

Tomaso Vecchi is Professor of Experimental Psychology and Dean of the School of Psychology at the University of Pavia, Italy.

Books by this Author

From Looking Back to Looking Forward
By Tomaso Vecchi, Daniele Gatti
What is memory? What is memory for? Where is memory in the brain? Although memory is probably the most studied function in cognition, these fundamental questions remain challenging. We can try to answer the question of memory's purpose by defining the function of memory as remembering the past. And yet this definition is not consistent with the many errors that characterize our memory, or...
The Neuroscience of Visual Impairment
By Zaira Cattaneo, Tomaso Vecchi
Can a blind person see? The very idea seems paradoxical. And yet, if we conceive of "seeing" as the ability to generate internal mental representations that may contain visual details, the idea of blind vision becomes a concept subject to investigation. In this book, Zaira Cattaneo and Tomaso Vecchi examine the effects of blindness and other types of visual deficit on the development...

Journal Articles by this Author

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 21, Issue 11 ()
By Elena Salillas, Demis Basso, Maurizia Baldi, Carlo Semenza, Tomaso Vecchi