William R. Uttal

William R. Uttal is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Michigan and Professor Emeritus of Engineering at Arizona State University. He is the author of The New Phrenology: The Limits of Localizing Cognitive Processes in the Brain (MIT Press, 2001), Distributed Neural Systems: Beyond the New Phrenology, and Mind and Brain: A Critical Appraisal of Cognitive Neuroscience (MIT Press, 2011).

Books by this Author

A Meta-Meta-Analysis
By William R. Uttal
Cognitive neuroscientists increasingly claim that brain images generated by new brain imaging technologies reflect, correlate, or represent cognitive processes. In this book, William Uttal warns against these claims, arguing that, despite its utility in anatomic and physiological applications, brain imaging research has not provided consistent evidence for correlation with cognition. Uttal bases...
A Critical Appraisal of Cognitive Neuroscience
By William R. Uttal
Cognitive neuroscience explores the relationship between our minds and our brains, most recently by drawing on brain imaging techniques to align neural mechanisms with psychological processes. In Mind and Brain, William Uttal offers a critical review of cognitive neuroscience, examining both its history and modern developments in the field. He pays particular attention to the role of brain...