Hear what experts from across the globe are saying about MIT CogNet.

"MIT CogNet is an invaluable resource for all cognitive science research. It provides one-stop access to the best in both reference material and cutting-edge research, and is my starting point for every new project."

— David Danks, Professor of Philosophy & Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University

“The field of cognitive science, with all its subdisciplines, is a rapidly changing and vast body of knowledge. MIT CogNet has perhaps the most comprehensive and interdisciplinary collection of journals, books, and reference materials online... The variety of topics is equally impressive, from consciousness and linguistics to cognitive neuroscience. For anyone interested in brain sciences and cognitive science more broadly, MIT CogNet provides a unique opportunity to remain up-to-date and to research across disciplines... I highly recommend it for students and researchers in cognitive science.”

— Carlos Montemayor, Department of Philosophy, San Francisco State University

“MIT CogNet is a virtual treasure chest, and scholars from different disciplines will delight in the rich collection of resources it offers. Researchers will be attracted by the generous list of reference works and monographs... Libraries should take note: MIT CogNet is in fact much more than a virtual library.”

— Jennifer Windt, Department of Philosophy, Monash University

MIT CogNet is an absolutely crucial repository of some of the best reference and research material in the cognitive sciences. The resource is integrated into a number of our cognitive science courses here, and it is one of the first places my students go for independent research. And having immediate, searchable, access both to some of the definitive reference works in the neurosciences published by the MIT Press and to the most relevant MIT Press journals is for me a vital aid to both teaching and research."

— Michael Anderson, Department of Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College

“MIT CogNet provides an extensive resource for anyone with research interests in cognitive science. It not only offers full access to six MIT cognitive science journals (among others, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience), but also to cognitive science references works, as well as to a large collection of books in cognitive science. MIT CogNet helps cognitive scientists to keep up with the latest developments in their field, as well as find in-depth information on specific topics.”

— Helen De Cruz, Department of Philosophy, VU University, Amsterdam

"I have found MIT CogNet to be a very valuable source of high-quality material on cognitive science and I can recommend it for anyone who wants to understand the brain and the human mind."

— Graeme Halford,  School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University

"MIT CogNet offers easy and elegant online access to some of the best books in cognitive science, to cutting-edge reference works, and to crucial information for anyone with an interest in cognitive science. Since its inception, I have relied on MIT CogNet in my research and in my teaching. It is an invaluable resource."

— Eric Margolis, Department of Philosophy, The University of British Columbia

"MIT Cognet is a great resource that gives me comprehensive access to MIT’s fantastic monographs in philosophy of mind, psychology, and neuroscience."

— Wayne Wu, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Carnegie Mellon University