ISBN: 9780262338165 | 1096 pp. | August 1999

Table of Contents
I. Philosophy
Robert A. Wilson
II. Psychology
Keith J. Holyoak
III. Neurosciences
Thomas D. Albright and Helen J. Neville
IV. Computational Intelligence
Michael I. Jordan and Stuart Russell
V. Linguistics and Language
Gennaro Chierchia
VI. Culture, Cognition, and Evolution
Dan Sperber and Lawrence Hirschfeld
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The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences (MITECS)


Since the 1970s the cognitive sciences have offered multidisciplinary ways of understanding the mind and cognition. The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences (MITECS) is a landmark, comprehensive reference work that represents the methodological and theoretical diversity of this changing field. At the core of the encyclopedia are 471 concise entries, from Acquisition and Adaptationism to Wundt and X-bar Theory. Each article, written by a leading researcher in the field, provides an accessible introduction to an important concept in the cognitive sciences, as well as references or further readings. Six extended essays, which collectively serve as a roadmap to the articles, provide overviews of each of six major areas of cognitive science: Philosophy; Psychology; Neurosciences; Computational Intelligence; Linguistics and Language; and Culture, Cognition, and Evolution. For both students and researchers, MITECS will be an indispensable guide to the current state of the cognitive sciences.