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Artificial Life

Summer 2015, Vol. 21, No. 3, Pages 271-284
(doi: 10.1162/ARTL_a_00167)
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Emergence, Agency, and Interaction—Notes from the Field
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This article describes the development of several interactive installations and robotic artworks developed through the 1990s and the technological, theoretical, and discursive context in which those works arose. The main works discussed are Petit Mal (1989–1995), Sympathetic Sentience (1996–1997), Fugitive I (1996–1997), Traces (1998–1999), and Fugitive II (2001–2004)—full documentation at (www.simonpenny.net/works). These works were motivated by a critical analysis of cognitivist computer science, which contrasted with notions of embodied experience arising from the arts. The works address questions of agency and interaction, informed by cybernetics and artificial life.