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Neural Computation

January 2017, Vol. 29, No. 1, Pages 194-219
(doi: 10.1162/NECO_a_00899)
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Fast, Accurate Localization of Epileptic Seizure Onset Zones Based on Detection of High-Frequency Oscillations Using Improved Wavelet Transform and Matching Pursuit Methods
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This letter describes the improvement of two methods of detecting high-frequency oscillations (HFOs) and their use to localize epileptic seizure onset zones (SOZs). The wavelet transform (WT) method was improved by combining the complex Morlet WT with Shannon entropy to enhance the temporal-frequency resolution during HFO detection. And the matching pursuit (MP) method was improved by combining it with an adaptive genetic algorithm to improve the speed and accuracy of the calculations for HFO detection. The HFOs detected by these two methods were used to localize SOZs in five patients. A comparison shows that the improved WT method provides high specificity and quick localization and that the improved MP method provides high sensitivity.