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Linguistic Inquiry


Samuel Jay Keyser, Editor-in-Chief 

Linguistic Inquiry leads the field in research on current topics in linguistics. In each issue, its authors keep themselves and other readers informed of new theoretical developments based on the latest international scholarship. 

Table of Contents

Vol. 36, Issue 1 - Winter 2005


Three Factors in Language Design
pp. 1-22
Abstract | PDF (101.05 KB)
Palatalization/Velar Softening: What It Is and What It Tells Us about the Nature of Language
pp. 23-41
Abstract | PDF (122.53 KB)
Stress-by-Structure in Spanish
pp. 43-84
Abstract | PDF (202.75 KB)
When Movement Must Be Blocked: A Reply to Embick and Noyer
pp. 85-125
Abstract | PDF (177.18 KB)
The Temperature Paradox as Evidence for a Presuppositional Analysis of Definite Descriptions
pp. 127-134
Abstract | PDF (70.11 KB)
Morphological Boundaries of Japanese Adjectives: Reply to Namai
pp. 134-143
Abstract | PDF (68.3 KB)
Wh-in-Situ in Mandarin Chinese
pp. 143-155
Abstract | PDF (69.63 KB)
A Note on the Structure of Predicate Phrase + be + that-CP
pp. 155-160
Abstract | PDF (48 KB)