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Linguistic Inquiry


Samuel Jay Keyser, Editor-in-Chief 

Linguistic Inquiry leads the field in research on current topics in linguistics. In each issue, its authors keep themselves and other readers informed of new theoretical developments based on the latest international scholarship. 

Table of Contents

Vol. 47, Issue 1 - Winter 2016


Getting Really Edgy: On the Edge of the Edge
pp. 1-33
Abstract | PDF (749.53 KB)
Anaphor Binding: What French Inanimate Anaphors Show
pp. 35-87
Abstract | PDF (1.18 MB)
Wholesale Late Merger in Ā-movement: Evidence from Preposition Stranding
pp. 89-126
Abstract | PDF (1.03 MB)
Rightward DP-Movement Licenses Parasitic Gaps: A Reply to Postal 1994
pp. 127-146
Abstract | PDF (624.8 KB)
Catalan Vowel Epenthesis as Evidence for the Free Ride Approach to Morphophonemic Learning
pp. 147-157
Abstract | PDF (497.06 KB)
On Attributive Adjectives in Ojibwe and Cinque’s Phrasal Movement Analysis of Adjective Orders
pp. 158-168
Abstract | PDF (451.71 KB)