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Linguistic Inquiry


Samuel Jay Keyser, Editor-in-Chief 

Linguistic Inquiry leads the field in research on current topics in linguistics. In each issue, its authors keep themselves and other readers informed of new theoretical developments based on the latest international scholarship. 

Table of Contents

Vol. 47, Issue 2 - Spring 2016


Lightest to the Right: An Apparently Anomalous Displacement in Irish
pp. 169-234
Abstract | PDF (3.48 MB)
On Evaluation Metrics in Optimality Theory
pp. 235-282
Abstract | PDF (1.86 MB)
Size Matters: The Syntax of Disjunctive Questions
pp. 283-305
Abstract | PDF (157.63 KB)
Ellipsis, Economy, and the (Non)uniformity of Traces
pp. 306-332
Abstract | PDF (150.29 KB)
Prosodic Phrasing and the That-Trace Effect
pp. 333-349
Abstract | PDF (110.07 KB)
Finite-State Phonology Predicts a Typological Gap in Cyclic Stress Assignment
pp. 351-363
Abstract | PDF (87.32 KB)
The Unity of Focus: Evidence from Sign Language (ASL and LSF)
pp. 363-381
Abstract | PDF (108.88 KB)
Embedding the Antecedent in Gapping: Low Coordination and the Role of Parallelism
pp. 381-390
Abstract | PDF (81.29 KB)