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Linguistic Inquiry


Samuel Jay Keyser, Editor-in-Chief 

Linguistic Inquiry leads the field in research on current topics in linguistics. In each issue, its authors keep themselves and other readers informed of new theoretical developments based on the latest international scholarship. 

Table of Contents

Vol. 49, Issue 3 - Summer 2018


Attraction at a Distance: Ā-Movement and Case
pp. 409-440
Abstract | PDF (168.86 KB)
Focus Association by Movement: Evidence from Tanglewood
pp. 441-463
Abstract | PDF (149.76 KB)
How to Neutralize a Finite Clause Boundary: Phase Theory and the Grammar of Bound Pronouns
pp. 465-499
Abstract | PDF (183.87 KB)
Articulated Definiteness without Articles
pp. 501-536
Abstract | PDF (182.67 KB)
Depictive Secondary Predicates and Small Clause Approaches to Argument Structure
pp. 537-559
Abstract | PDF (107.65 KB)
Some People Think There Is Neg Raising, and Some Don’t: Neg Raising Meets Ellipsis
pp. 559-576
Abstract | PDF (96.9 KB)
Output-Drivenness and Partial Phonological Features
pp. 577-598
Abstract | PDF (166.75 KB)
Opaque Allomorph Selection in Japanese and Harmonic Serialism: A Reply to Kurisu 2012
pp. 599-610
Abstract | PDF (89.72 KB)
Accidental Gaps and Surface-Based Phonotactic Learning: A Case Study of South Bolivian Quechua
pp. 610-623
Abstract | PDF (89.93 KB)