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Network Neuroscience

Olaf Sporns, Editor

Network Neuroscience features innovative scientific work that significantly advances our understanding of network organization and function in the brain across all scales, from molecules and neurons to circuits and systems.

The journal covers the broad array of content areas within cognitive science using approaches from cognitive psychology, computer science and mathematical psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology, comparative psychology and behavioral anthropology, decision sciences, and theoretical and experimental linguistics. These approaches are applicable to a broad range of content areas, including learning and memory, attention and object recognition, language processing and development, causal reasoning, judgment and decision-making, philosophy of mind, and more.

Table of Contents

Vol. 1, Issue 4 - December 2017


Dynamical networks: Finding, measuring, and tracking neural population activity using network science
pp. 324-338
Abstract | PDF (1.73 MB)
Switching between internal and external modes: A multiscale learning principle
pp. 339-356
Abstract | PDF (758.12 KB)
Nonparametric test for connectivity detection in multivariate autoregressive networks and application to multiunit activity data
pp. 357-380
Abstract | PDF (1.53 MB)
The graphical brain: Belief propagation and active inference
pp. 381-414
Abstract | PDF (2.1 MB)
Optimized connectome architecture for sensory-motor integration
pp. 415-430
Abstract | PDF (2.12 MB)
High-energy brain dynamics during anesthesia-induced unconsciousness
pp. 431-445
Abstract | PDF (1.93 MB)
Sensitivity analysis of human brain structural network construction
pp. 446-467
Abstract | PDF (2.57 MB)