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Network Neuroscience

Olaf Sporns, Editor

Network Neuroscience features innovative scientific work that significantly advances our understanding of network organization and function in the brain across all scales, from molecules and neurons to circuits and systems.

The journal covers the broad array of content areas within cognitive science using approaches from cognitive psychology, computer science and mathematical psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology, comparative psychology and behavioral anthropology, decision sciences, and theoretical and experimental linguistics. These approaches are applicable to a broad range of content areas, including learning and memory, attention and object recognition, language processing and development, causal reasoning, judgment and decision-making, philosophy of mind, and more.

Table of Contents

Vol. 3, Issue 3 - 2019


Editorial: Topological Neuroscience
pp. 653-655
Abstract | PDF (172.89 KB)
The importance of the whole: Topological data analysis for the network neuroscientist
pp. 656-673
Abstract | PDF (1004.95 KB)
Exact topological inference of the resting-state brain networks in twins
pp. 674-694
Abstract | PDF (1.45 MB)
Feasibility of topological data analysis for event-related fMRI
pp. 695-706
Abstract | PDF (393.3 KB)
Replays of spatial memories suppress topological fluctuations in cognitive map
pp. 707-724
Abstract | PDF (1.83 MB)
Topological exploration of artificial neuronal network dynamics
pp. 725-743
Abstract | PDF (1.32 MB)
Topological gene expression networks recapitulate brain anatomy and function
pp. 744-762
Abstract | PDF (3.28 MB)
Generating dynamical neuroimaging spatiotemporal representations (DyNeuSR) using topological data analysis
pp. 763-778
Abstract | PDF (1.37 MB)
Columnar connectome: toward a mathematics of brain function
pp. 779-791
Abstract | PDF (1.98 MB)
Network structural dependency in the human connectome across the life-span
pp. 792-806
Abstract | PDF (1.74 MB)
Guided graph spectral embedding: Application to the
pp. 807-826
Abstract | PDF (3.18 MB)
Large-scale directed network inference with multivariate transfer entropy and hierarchical statistical testing
pp. 827-847
Abstract | PDF (853.94 KB)
Functional control of electrophysiological network architecture using direct neurostimulation in humans
pp. 848-877
Abstract | PDF (2.58 MB)
Detecting modular brain states in rest and task
pp. 878-901
Abstract | PDF (3.86 MB)