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Network Neuroscience

Olaf Sporns, Editor

Network Neuroscience features innovative scientific work that significantly advances our understanding of network organization and function in the brain across all scales, from molecules and neurons to circuits and systems.

The journal covers the broad array of content areas within cognitive science using approaches from cognitive psychology, computer science and mathematical psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology, comparative psychology and behavioral anthropology, decision sciences, and theoretical and experimental linguistics. These approaches are applicable to a broad range of content areas, including learning and memory, attention and object recognition, language processing and development, causal reasoning, judgment and decision-making, philosophy of mind, and more.

Table of Contents

Vol. 4, Issue 1 - 2020


Intrinsic connectome organization across temporal scales: New insights from cross-modal approaches
pp. 1-29
Abstract | PDF (1.65 MB)
Questions and controversies in the study of time-varying functional connectivity in resting fMRI
pp. 30-69
Abstract | PDF (1.34 MB)
Bridging global and local topology in whole-brain networks using the network statistic jackknife
pp. 70-88
Abstract | PDF (1.57 MB)
Age-related differences in functional brain network segregation are consistent with a cascade of cerebrovascular, structural, and cognitive effects
pp. 89-114
Abstract | PDF (3.19 MB)
Dynamic spatiotemporal patterns of brain connectivity reorganize across development
pp. 115-133
Abstract | PDF (2.15 MB)
Core language brain network for fMRI language task used in clinical applications
pp. 134-154
Abstract | PDF (1.05 MB)
Alpha oscillation, criticality, and responsiveness in complex brain networks
pp. 155-173
Abstract | PDF (2.63 MB)
The self-organized learning of noisy environmental stimuli requires distinct phases of plasticity
pp. 174-199
Abstract | PDF (2.47 MB)
Synthetic ablations in the C. elegans nervous system
pp. 200-216
Abstract | PDF (982.75 KB)
Modeling the influence of the hippocampal memory system on the oculomotor system
pp. 217-233
Abstract | PDF (938.79 KB)
Organizing principles of whole-brain functional connectivity in zebrafish larvae
pp. 234-256
Abstract | PDF (15.63 MB)
Identifying brain network topology changes in task processes and psychiatric disorders
pp. 257-273
Abstract | PDF (1.57 MB)
Clinically feasible brain morphometric similarity network construction approaches with restricted magnetic resonance imaging acquisitions
pp. 274-291
Abstract | PDF (2.42 MB)
Impact of higher order network structure on emergent cortical activity
pp. 292-314
Abstract | PDF (4.01 MB)