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Neural Computation


Terrence J. Sejnowski, Editor-in-Chief

Neural Computation disseminates important, multidisciplinary research in a field that attracts psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, neuroscientists, and artificial intelligence investigators, among others.

Table of Contents

Vol. 10, Issue 5 - July 1, 1998


Dynamics of Membrane Excitability Determine Interspike Interval Variability: A Link Between Spike Generation Mechanisms and Cortical Spike Train Statistics
pp. 1047-1065
Abstract | PDF (163.18 KB)
Correction to Proof That Recurrent Neural Networks Can Robustly Recognize Only Regular Languages
pp. 1067-1069
Abstract | PDF (40.35 KB)
On the Effect of Analog Noise in Discrete-Time Analog Computations
pp. 1071-1095
Abstract | PDF (159.53 KB)
Category Learning Through Multimodality Sensing
pp. 1097-1117
Abstract | PDF (1.45 MB)
A Hierarchical Model of Binocular Rivalry
pp. 1119-1135
Abstract | PDF (175.63 KB)
Efficient Learning in Boltzmann Machines Using Linear Response Theory
pp. 1137-1156
Abstract | PDF (153.58 KB)
A Learning Theorem for Networks at Detailed Stochastic Equilibrium
pp. 1157-1178
Abstract | PDF (689.2 KB)
Asymmetric Dynamics in Optimal Variance Adaptation
pp. 1179-1202
Abstract | PDF (151.25 KB)
Computation with Infinite Neural Networks
pp. 1203-1216
Abstract | PDF (120.29 KB)
Bayesian Radial Basis Functions of Variable Dimension
pp. 1217-1233
Abstract | PDF (101.14 KB)
Absence of Cycles in Symmetric Neural Networks
pp. 1235-1249
Abstract | PDF (88.59 KB)
Pattern Generation by Two Coupled Time-Discrete Neural Networks with Synaptic Depression
pp. 1251-1275
Abstract | PDF (409.33 KB)
Computational Studies of Lateralization of Phoneme Sequence Generation
pp. 1277-1297
Abstract | PDF (121.76 KB)
Nonlinear Component Analysis as a Kernel Eigenvalue Problem
pp. 1299-1319
Abstract | PDF (588.53 KB)