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Neural Computation


Terrence J. Sejnowski, Editor-in-Chief

Neural Computation disseminates important, multidisciplinary research in a field that attracts psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, neuroscientists, and artificial intelligence investigators, among others.

Table of Contents

Vol. 14, Issue 2 - February 1, 2002


On the Complexity of Computing and Learning with Multiplicative Neural Networks
pp. 241-301
Abstract | PDF (334.81 KB)
A Lagrange Multiplier and Hopfield-Type Barrier Function Method for the Traveling Salesman Problem
pp. 303-324
Abstract | PDF (271.88 KB)
The Time-Rescaling Theorem and Its Application to Neural Spike Train Data Analysis
pp. 325-346
Abstract | PDF (263.44 KB)
The Impact of Spike Timing Variability on the Signal-Encoding Performance of Neural Spiking Models
pp. 347-367
Abstract | PDF (328.69 KB)
Temporal Correlations in Stochastic Networks of Spiking Neurons
pp. 369-404
Abstract | PDF (471.81 KB)
Measuring Information Spatial Densities
pp. 405-420
Abstract | PDF (350.73 KB)
Stochastic Trapping in a Solvable Model of On-Line Independent Component Analysis
pp. 421-435
Abstract | PDF (232.5 KB)
A Neural-Network-Based Approach to the Double Traveling Salesman Problem
pp. 437-471
Abstract | PDF (522.92 KB)