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Neural Computation


Terrence J. Sejnowski, Editor-in-Chief

Neural Computation disseminates important, multidisciplinary research in a field that attracts psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, neuroscientists, and artificial intelligence investigators, among others.

Table of Contents

Vol. 19, Issue 9 - September 2007


A Multichip Neuromorphic System for Spike-Based Visual Information Processing
pp. 2281-2300
Abstract | PDF (1.04 MB)
Visual Recognition and Inference Using Dynamic Overcomplete Sparse Learning
pp. 2301-2352
Abstract | PDF (4.43 MB)
Visual Remapping by Vector Subtraction: Analysis of Multiplicative Gain Field Models
pp. 2353-2386
Abstract | PDF (1.3 MB)
Representations of Space and Time in the Maximization of Information Flow in the Perception-Action Loop
pp. 2387-2432
Abstract | PDF (1.52 MB)
Computational Properties of Networks of Synchronous Groups of Spiking Neurons
pp. 2433-2467
Abstract | PDF (837.17 KB)
Variable Timescales of Repeated Spike Patterns in Synfire Chain with Mexican-Hat Connectivity
pp. 2468-2491
Abstract | PDF (431.69 KB)
Asymptotic Behavior and Synchronizability Characteristics of a Class of Recurrent Neural Networks
pp. 2492-2514
Abstract | PDF (168.1 KB)
Self-Organizing Maps with Asymmetric Neighborhood Function
pp. 2515-2535
Abstract | PDF (927.04 KB)
Parametric Embedding for Class Visualization
pp. 2536-2556
Abstract | PDF (1.33 MB)
MISEP Method for Postnonlinear Blind Source Separation
pp. 2557-2578
Abstract | PDF (966.24 KB)
pp. 2579-2579
Abstract | PDF (15.58 KB)