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Neural Computation


Terrence J. Sejnowski, Editor-in-Chief

Neural Computation disseminates important, multidisciplinary research in a field that attracts psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, neuroscientists, and artificial intelligence investigators, among others.

Table of Contents

Vol. 27, Issue 8 - August 2015


A Statistical Framework to Infer Delay and Direction of Information Flow from Measurements of Complex Systems
pp. 1555-1608
Abstract | PDF (1.35 MB)
An Empirical Model for Reliable Spiking Activity
pp. 1609-1623
Abstract | PDF (819.32 KB)
Inheritance of Hippocampal Place Fields Through Hebbian Learning: Effects of Theta Modulation and Phase Precession on Structure Formation
pp. 1624-1672
Abstract | PDF (1.42 MB)
Competitive STDP Learning of Overlapping Spatial Patterns
pp. 1673-1685
Abstract | PDF (304.85 KB)
A Reward-Maximizing Spiking Neuron as a Bounded Rational Decision Maker
pp. 1686-1720
Abstract | PDF (645.03 KB)
Optimality of Upper-Arm Reaching Trajectories Based on the Expected Value of the Metabolic Energy Cost
pp. 1721-1737
Abstract | PDF (490.9 KB)
Active Learning Using Hint Information
pp. 1738-1765
Abstract | PDF (770.76 KB)
Subsampled Hessian Newton Methods for Supervised Learning
pp. 1766-1795
Abstract | PDF (1.04 MB)
Minimal Sign Representation of Boolean Functions: Algorithms and Exact Results for Low Dimensions
pp. 1796-1823
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