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Neural Computation


Terrence J. Sejnowski, Editor-in-Chief

Neural Computation disseminates important, multidisciplinary research in a field that attracts psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, neuroscientists, and artificial intelligence investigators, among others.

Table of Contents

Vol. 5, Issue 6 - November 1993


Analysis of Neuron Models with Dynamically Regulated Conductances
pp. 823-842
Abstract | PDF (934.68 KB)
Limitations of the Hodgkin-Huxley Formalism: Effects of Single Channel Kinetics on Transmembrane Voltage Dynamics
pp. 843-855
Abstract | PDF (771.01 KB)
Two-Dimensional Motion Perception in Flies
pp. 856-868
Abstract | PDF (619.06 KB)
Neural Representation of Space Using Sinusoidal Arrays
pp. 869-884
Abstract | PDF (862.26 KB)
Fast Recognition of Noisy Digits
pp. 885-892
Abstract | PDF (715.2 KB)
Local Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Dependencies Estimation
pp. 893-909
Abstract | PDF (661.92 KB)
On the Geometry of Feedforward Neural Network Error Surfaces
pp. 910-927
Abstract | PDF (871.43 KB)
Rational Function Neural Network
pp. 928-938
Abstract | PDF (512.47 KB)
On an Unsupervised Learning Rule for Scalar Quantization following the Maximum Entropy Principle
pp. 939-953
Abstract | PDF (815.17 KB)
A Function Estimation Approach to Sequential Learning with Neural Networks
pp. 954-975
Abstract | PDF (1.04 MB)
Learning Finite State Machines With Self-Clustering Recurrent Networks
pp. 976-990
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Index to Volume 5
pp. 991-999
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