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Open Mind


Open Mind is an open-access journal that provides a new venue for the highest quality, most innovative work in cognitive science, offering affordable open access publishing, concise and accessible articles, and quick turnaround times for authors.

Positioned at the intersection of brain and network sciences, the journal covers empirical and computational studies that record, analyze or model relational data among elements of neurobiological systems, including neuronal signaling and information flow in circuits, patterns of functional connectivity recorded with electrophysiological or imaging methodology, studies of anatomical connections among neurons and brain regions, and interactions among biomolecules or genes. The journal aims to cover studies carried out in all neurobiological systems and all species, including humans.

Table of Contents

Vol. 3, 2019


The Neural Representational Space of Social Memory
pp. 1-12
Abstract | PDF (1.91 MB)
Segmentability Differences Between Child-Directed and Adult-Directed Speech: A Systematic Test With an Ecologically Valid Corpus
pp. 13-22
Abstract | PDF (365.97 KB)
Cognitive Science Honors the Memory of Jeffrey Elman
pp. 23-30
Abstract | PDF (220.7 KB)
Minimal Cues of Possession Transfer Compel Infants to Ascribe the Goal of Giving
pp. 31-40
Abstract | PDF (470.87 KB)
Revealing Criterial Vagueness in Inconsistencies
pp. 41-51
Abstract | PDF (630.92 KB)
Consistency and Variability in Children’s Word Learning Across Languages
pp. 52-67
Abstract | PDF (2.32 MB)
Most People Keep Their Word Rather Than Their Money
pp. 68-88
Abstract | PDF (1.76 MB)
Is Empiricism Innate? Preference for Nurture Over Nature in People’s Beliefs About the Origins of Human Knowledge
pp. 89-100
Abstract | PDF (1.15 MB)
People’s Intuitions About Innateness
pp. 101-114
Abstract | PDF (1.17 MB)