The site explores the life and work of Noam Chomsky, investigating the political, philosophical and linguistic worlds within which we live, and about which Chomsky writes.

A Timelines button on the top left of each text page allows you to follow a thematic tour of the milieu for the time period of that chapter. Links above the central line will lead you into the relevant text of that chapter, while the links below this line lead to relevant sources outside the site. Select from the Political, Philosophical, Linguistic or Personal filters for each timeline. A series of general timelines for the book can be accessed from the Timelines button in the top toolbar. Follow the links which annotate the text of the book, providing a more developed context for the ideas discussed in each chapter.

The Lab, accessed from the top right corner of each screen, offers an evolving range of dialogues and collaborative work on Chomsky's writings, and themes derived from his work. Please take some time to visit the Lab while you are here on the site.

Welcome to the electronic version of Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent. When you are ready to begin, go to Contents.

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