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3D ShapeZygmunt Pizlo Neuroscience
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19Bernhard Scholkopf, John Platt and Thomas Hofmann Neuroscience
Advances in Synaptic PlasticityMichel Baudry, Joel L. Davis and Richard F. Thompson Neuroscience
Advice for a Young InvestigatorSantiago Ramón Neuroscience
Affective ComputingRosalind W. Picard Neuroscience
Attention and Performance XVCarlo Umiltà Neuroscience
Attention and Performance XVIToshio Inui and James L. McClelland Computational Intelligence
Psychology, Cognitive Science
Auditory NeuroscienceJan Schnupp, Israel Nelken and Andrew King Neuroscience
Beyond the Cognitive MapA. David Redish Neuroscience
Biological Learning and ControlReza Shadmehr and Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi Neuroscience
BioroboticsBarbara Webb and Thomas R. Consi Computational Intelligence
Psychology, Cognitive Science
Blind VisionZaira Cattaneo and Tomaso Vecchi Neuroscience
The Boundaries of BabelAndrea Moro Neuroscience
Brain, Vision, MemoryCharles G. Gross Neuroscience
The Cerebral CodeWilliam H. Calvin Neuroscience
Cerebral PlasticityLeo M. Chalupa, Nicoletta Berardi, Matteo Caleo, Lucia Galli-Resta and Tommaso Pizzorusso Neuroscience
Children with Specific Language ImpairmentLaurence B. Leonard Linguistics, Language
The Cognitive Neuropsychiatry of Parkinson's DiseasePatrick McNamara Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
The Cognitive Neuroscience of MindPatricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Kathleen Baynes, George R. Mangun and Elizabeth A. Phelps Neuroscience
Computational Explorations in Cognitive NeuroscienceRandall C. O'Reilly and Yuko Munakata Computational Intelligence
Psychology, Cognitive Science
A Computational Perspective on Visual AttentionJohn K. Tsotsos Neuroscience
Computational VisionHanspeter A. Mallot and John S. Allen Computational Intelligence
ConsciousnessChristof Koch Neuroscience
Consciousness, Function, and RepresentationNed Block Neuroscience
Control of Cognitive ProcessesStephen Monsell and Jon Driver Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
Culturing Nerve Cells - 2nd EditionGary Banker and Kimberly Goslin Neuroscience
Describing Inner Experience?Russell T. Hurlburt and Eric Schwitzgebel Neuroscience
Distributed Cognition and the WillDon Ross, David Spurrett, Harold Kincaid and G. Lynn Stephens Neuroscience
The Dream DrugstoreJ. Allan Hobson Consciousness
Psychology, Cognitive Science
Dream LifeJ. Allan Hobson Neuroscience
Dynamic FacesCristobal Curio, Heinrich H. Bulthoff and Martin A. Giese Neuroscience
Essential Sources in the Scientific Study of ConsciousnessBernard J. Baars, William P. Banks and James B. Newman Neuroscience
Evolution and LearningBruce H. Weber and David J. Depew Neuroscience
Fast Oscillations in Cortical CircuitsRoger D. Traub, John G. R. Jefferys and Miles A. Whittington Neuroscience
Foundational Issues in Human Brain MappingStephen Jose Hanson and Martin Bunzl Neuroscience
From Molecule to MetaphorJerome A. Feldman Neuroscience
Gateway to MemoryMark A. Gluck and Catherine E. Myers Computational Intelligence
Psychology, Cognitive Science
Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of CognitionRoberto Cabeza and Alan Kingstone Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
HelmholtzMichel Meulders Neuroscience
The Hidden SenseCretien van Campen Neuroscience
The Hot BrainCarl V. Gisolfi and Francisco Mora Biology
How We RememberMichael E. Hasselmo Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
I of the VortexRodolfo R. Llinás Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
Image and BrainStephen M. Kosslyn Neuroscience
Infectious BehaviorPaul H. Patterson Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
LanguageDavid Caplan Linguistics, Language
The Language of ThoughtSusan Schneider Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
Language, Brain, and Cognitive DevelopmentEmmanuel Dupoux Linguistics, Language
Language, Consciousness, CultureRay Jackendoff Neuroscience
Meditating SelflesslyJames H. Austin Neuroscience
Psychology, Cognitive Science
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