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May 1998
ISBN 0262011654
491 pp.
191 illus.
Behavior-Based Robotics
Ronald C. Arkin

"Hard to put down and necessary to know -- Arkin's book provides a comprehensive intellectual history of robots and a thorough compilation of robotic organizational paradigms from reflexes through social interaction."
-- Chris Brown, Professor of Computer Science, University of Rochester

This introduction to the principles, design, and practice of intelligent behavior-based autonomous robotic systems is the first true survey of this robotics field. The author presents the tools and techniques central to the development of this class of systems in a clear and thorough manner. Following a discussion of the relevant biological and psychological models of behavior, he covers the use of knowledge and learning in autonomous robots, behavior-based and hybrid robot architectures, modular perception, robot colonies, and future trends in robot intelligence.

The text throughout refers to actual implemented robots and includes many pictures and descriptions of hardware, making it clear that these are not abstract simulations, but real machines capable of perception, cognition, and action.

Table of Contents
by Michael Arbib
1 Whence Behavior?
2 Animal Behavior
3 Robot Behavior
4 Behavior-Based Architectures
5 Representational Issues for Behavioral Systems
6 Hybrid Deliberative/Reactive Architectures
7 Perceptual Basis for Behavior-Based Control
8 Adaptive Behavior
9 Social Behavior
10 Fringe Robotics: Beyond Behavior
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 Subject Index
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