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Oct 2000
ISBN 0262133814
320 pp.
120 illus.
Computational Vision
Hanspeter A. Mallot and John S. Allen

This text provides an introduction to computational aspects of early vision, in particular, color, stereo, and visual navigation. It integrates approaches from psychophysics and quantitative neurobiology, as well as theories and algorithms from machine vision and photogrammetry. When presenting mathematical material, it uses detailed verbal descriptions and illustrations to clarify complex points. The text is suitable for upper-level students in neuroscience, biology, and psychology who have basic mathematical skills and are interested in studying the mathematical modeling of perception.

Table of Contents
I Fundamentals
1 Introduction
2 Imaging
II Contrast, Form, and Color
3 Representation and processing of images
4 Edge Detection
5 Color and color constancy
III Depth Perception
6 Stereoscopic vision
7 Shape from shading
8 Texture and surface orientation
IV Motion
9 Motion detection
10 Optical flow
11 Visual navigation
V Appendix
 Glossary of mathematical terms
 Mathematical symbols and units
 Author Index
 Subject Index
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