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Sep 1994
ISBN 0262521954
792 pp.
127 illus.
Auditory Scene Analysis
Albert S. Bregman

"Bregman has written a major book, a unique and important contribution to the rapidly expanding field of complex auditory perception. This is a big, rich, and fulfilling piece of work that deserves the wide audience it is sure to attract."
-- Stewart H. Hulse, Science

Auditory Scene Analysis addresses the problem of hearing complex auditory environments, using a series of creative analogies to describe the process required of the human auditory system as it analyzes mixtures of sounds to recover descriptions of individual sounds. In a unified and comprehensive way, Bregman establishes a theoretical framework that integrates his findings with an unusually wide range of previous research in psychoacoustics, speech perception, music theory and composition, and computer modeling.

Table of Contents
1 The Auditory Scene
2 Sequential Integration
3 Integration of Simultaneous Auditory Components
4 Schema-Based Segregation and Integration
5 Auditory Organization in Music
6 Auditory Organization in Speech Perception
7 The Principle of Exclusive Allocation in Scene Analysis
8 Summary and Conclusions: What We Do and Do Not Know about Auditory Scene Analysis
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