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Apr 2000
ISBN 0262561239
425 pp.
100 illus.
Patient-Based Approaches to Cognitive Neuroscience
Martha J. Farah and Todd E. Feinberg

The cognitive disorders that follow brain damage are an important source of insight into the neural bases of human thought. Although cognitive neuroscience is sometimes equated with cognitive neuroimaging, the patient-based approach to cognitive neuroscience is responsible for most of what we now know about the brain systems underlying perception, attention, memory, language, and higher-order forms of thought including consciousness. This volume brings together state-of-the-art reviews of the patient-based approach to these and other central issues in cognitive neuroscience, written by leading authorities.

Part I covers the history, principles, and methods of patient-based neuroscience: lesion method, imaging, computational modeling, and anatomy. Part II covers perception and vision: sensory agnosias, disorders of body perception, attention and neglect, disorders of perception and awareness, and misidentification syndromes. Part III covers language: aphasia, language disorders in children, specific language impairments, developmental dyslexia, acquired reading disorders, and agraphia. Part IV covers memory: amnesia and semantic memory impairments. Part V covers higher cognitive functions: frontal lobes, callosal disconnection (split brain), skilled movement disorders, acalculia, dementia, delirium, and degenerative conditions including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease.

Table of Contents
I History, Methods, Principles
1 A Historical Perspective on Cognitive Neuroscience
by Todd E. Feinberg and Martha J. Farah
2 The Lesion Method in Cognitive Neuroscience
by Hanno Samasio and Antonia R. Damasio
3 Functional Imaging in Cognitive Neuroscience
by Marcus E. Raichle
4 Computational Modeling in Cognitive Neuroscience
by Martha J. Farah
5 Anatomic Principles in Cognitive Neuroscience
by M.-Marsei Mesulam
II Perception and Attention
6 Visual Object Agnosis
by Martha J. Farah and Todd E. Feinberg
7 Prosopagnosia
by Ennio De Renzi
8 Auditory Agnosia and Amusia
by Russell M. Bauer and Tricia Zawacki
9 Disorders of Body Perception
by Georg Goldenberg
10 Neglect I: Clinical and Anatomic Issues
by Kenneth M. Heilman, Robert T. Watson and Edward Valenstein
11 Neglect II: Cognitive Neuropsychological Issues
by Robert D. Rafal
12 Disorders of Perception and Awareness
by Martha J. Farah and Todd E. Feinberg
13 Misidentification Syndromes
by Todd E. Feinberg and David M. Roane
III Language
14 Aphasia I: Clinical and Anatomic Issues
by Michael P. Alexander
15 Aphasia II: Cognitive Issues
by Eleanor M. Saffran
16 Acquired Disorders of Language in Children
by Maureen Dennis
17 Specific Language Impairments
by Karin Stromswold
18 Acquired Dyslexia
by H. Branch Coslett
19 Developmental Reading Disorders
by Maureen W. Lovett
20 Agraphia
by David P. Roeltgen
IV Memory
21 Amnesia I: Neuroanatomic and Clinical Issues
by Stuart Zola
22 Amnesia II: Cognitive Neuropsychological Issues
by Tim Curran and Daniel L. Schachter
23 Semantic Memory Impairments
by Martha J. Farah and Murray Grossman
V Other Higher Functions
24 Frontal Lobes I: Clinical and Anatomic Issues
by D. Frank Benson and Bruce L. Miller
25 Frontal Lobes II: Cognitive Issues
by Daniel Y. Kimberg, Mark D'Esposito and Martha J. Farah
26 Callosal Disconnection
by Kathleen Baynes and Michael S. Gazzaniga
27 Disorders of Skilled Movements
by Kenneth M. Heilman, Robert T. Watson and Leslie J. Gonzalez Rothi
28 Acalculia
by Jordan Grafman and Timothy Rickard
VI Dementia
29 Dementia: An Overview
by Daniel I. Kaufer and Jeffrey L. Cummings
30 The Cognitive Neuropsychology of Alzheimer's Disease
by Robert D. Nebes
31 Dementia in Parkinson Disease, Huntington Disease, and Other Degenerative Conditions
by Diane M. Jacobs, Yaakov Stern and Richard Mayeux
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Psychology, Cognitive Science

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