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Mar 1964
ISBN 0262730065
290 pp.
Language, Thought, and Reality
Benjamin Lee Whorf and John B. Carroll

"The hypothesis suggested by Benjamin Lee Whorf that the structure of a person's language is a factor in the way in which he understands reality and behaves with respect to it has attracted the attention of linguists, anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers, as well as a large segment of the public." Science

"Benjamin Lee Whorf's scholarly contributions were substantial both in technical linguistics and in the broader area for which he is best known, the relation between language perception and thought.... The basic thesis, stated by others before Whorf but developed by him and given his name in recent literature, is that our perception of the world and our ways of thinking about it are deeply influenced by the structure of the languages we speak.... Any student of comparative literature or other cross-cultural study of values must at least take Whorf SMYTHs thesis into account . . ." -- Literature East and West, the Newsletter of the Conference on Oriental-Western Library Relations of the Modern Language Association of America.

"With his edition of Language, Thought, and Reality, Professor Carroll has . . . performed an invaluable service for linguists everywhere . . . A carefully planned and skillfully edited presentation of Whorf THEs philosophy of language, to which has been added an interesting foreword by Stuart Chase, an invaluable essay by Carroll, and an extremely illuminating and useful bibliography. . ." -- International Journal of American Linguistics

"An essay showing why Hopi is superior to English as a scientific language, a criticism of Basic English as Complex English, and an account of the semantics of fire prevention are not only readable but delightful." - New Yorker

Table of Contents
by Stuart Chase
by John B. Carrol
1 On the connection of ideas (1927)
2 On psychology (date unkown)
3 A central Mexican inscription combining Mexican and Maya day signs (1931)
4 The punctual and segmentative aspects of verbs in Hopi (1936)
5 An American Indian model of the universe (circa 1936)
6 A linguistic consideration of thinking in primitive communities (circa 1936)
7 Grammatical categories (1937)
8 Discussion of Hopi linguistics (1937)
9 Some verbal categories of Hopi (1938)
10 Language: plan and conception of arrangement (1938)
11 The relation of habitual thought and behavior to language (1939)
12 Gestalt technique of stem composition in Shawnee (1939)
13 Decipherment of the linguistic portion of the Maya hieroglyphs (1940)
14 Linguistic factors in the terminology of Hopi architecture (1940)
15 Science and linguistics (1940)
16 Linguistics as an exact science (1940)
17 Language and logic (1941)
18 Language, mind, and reality (1941)
Related Topics
Linguistics, Language

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