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Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
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April 2001
ISBN 0-262-14073-X
776 pp., 261 illus., 27 color
$95.00/£63.50 (CLOTH)



From Bradford Books:
Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Edited by Charles A. Nelson and Monica Luciana

The handbook contains forty-one original contributions exploring basic aspects of neural development, sensory and sensorimotor systems, language, cognition, and emotion. Aided by recent results in neurobiology establishing that the human brain remains malleable and plastic throughout much of the lifespan, the contributors also explore the implications of lifelong neural plasticity for brain and behavioral development.

Charles A. Nelson is Professor of Pediatrics at Children's Hospital, Boston.

Monica Luciana is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Child Development, University of Minnesota.

Table of Contents
I.Fundamentals of Developmental Neurobiology
II.Methodological Paradigms
III.Plasticity of Development
IV.Sensory and Sensorimotor Systems
VII.Neurodevelopmental Aspects of Clinical Disorders
VIII.Emotion and Cognition Interactions
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