Evolution-in-materio computations: Hierarchies rising from electron dynamics in carbon nanotubes

Conference Date
Lyon, France
Date Published
September 2017
Conference Date: 2017, Vol. 14, Pages 255-256.
(doi: 10.7551/ecal_a_044)
© 2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license
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Previously, Evolution-In-Materio (EIM), an unconventional computing paradigm, was addressed as a computing system which exhibits dynamical hierarchies. For different conceptual domains identified within an EIM system, a corresponding hierarchical level was defined and the state space description provided. Entropic relations established between such system descriptions show that one hyperdescribes another in an information theoretical sense. Hereby we report on those findings and revisit entropic relations between the level of material physics and the level of measurements via simulations of the addressed physical phenomenon.