A 4-base model for the Aevol in-silico experimental evolution platform

Conference Date
Lyon, France
Date Published
September 2017
Conference Date: 2017, Vol. 14, Pages 265-266.
(doi: 10.7551/ecal_a_046)
© 2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license
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In this paper, we describe a new digital genetics model based on the Aevol artificial life simulator. Aevol is a computational platform designed to study populations of digital organisms evolving under various conditions. It has been extended in two directions. First, we have extended the genomic code from a binary one to a 4-base one, allowing for more realistic genomic sequence and easing the usage of Aevol as a benchmarking tool for comparative genomics. Second, we have replaced the Aevol continuous phenotype representation by a discrete one inspired by Fisher’s Geometric Model. By doing so, we will be able to validate Aevol results against population genetics theory.