The evolution of active droplets in chemorobotic platforms

Conference Date
Lyon, France
Date Published
September 2017
Conference Date: 2017, Vol. 14, Pages 356-357.
(doi: 10.7551/ecal_a_059)
© 2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license
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There is great interest in oil-in-water droplets as simple systems that display astonishingly complex behaviours. Recently, we reported a chemorobotic platform capable of autonomously exploring and evolving the behaviours these droplets can exhibit. The platform enabled us to undertake a large number of reproducible experiments, allowing us to probe the non-linear relationship between droplet composition and behaviour. Herein we introduce this work, and also report on the recent developments we have made to this system. These include new platforms to simultaneously evolve the droplets’ physical and chemical environments and the inclusion of selfreplicating molecules in the droplets.