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H. Sayama (Ed.). (2015, Open SUNY Textbooks). Free open access PDF, 498 pp. ISB... [ARTL 22:3]Stefano NicheleArticle
Long Allele Carriers Show Heightened Attention to High-priority Items Relative ... [JOCN 27:3]Marissa A. Gorlick, Darrell A. Worthy, Valerie S. Knopik, John E. McGeary, Christopher G. Beevers, W. Todd MaddoxArticle
AndBarry ScheinBook2017-07-14
1D Current Source Density (CSD) Estimation in Inverse Theory: A Unified Framewor... [NECO 28:7]Pascal Kropf, Amir ShmuelArticle
The A/Ā Distinction as an Epiphenomenon [LING 50:2]Ken SafirArticle
A-and Ā-Movement in Romanian Supine Constructions [LING 37:4]Cristina DyeArticle2006-10-01
Abandoning Objectives: Evolution Through the Search for Novelty Alone [EVCO 19:2]Joel Lehman, Kenneth O. StanleyArticle2011-06-01
Abduction, Belief and Context in Dialogue: Studies in Computational Pragmatics [COLI 28:1]Matthew StoneArticle2002-03-01
An A-Binding Asymmetry in Null Subject Languages and Its Significance for Univer... [LING 37:1]Phoevos Panagiotidis, Stavroula TsiplakouArticle2006-01-01
Abnormal Auditory Cortical Activation in Dyslexia 100 msec after Speech Onset [JOCN 14:4]Päivi Helenius, Riitta Salmelin, Ulla Richardson, Seija Leinonen, Heikki LyytinenArticle2002-05-01
Abnormal Causal Attribution Leads to Advantageous Economic Decision-making: A Ne... [JOCN 25:8]Timothy R. Koscik, Daniel TranelArticle2013-08-01
Abnormal Center–Periphery Gradient in Spatial Attention in Simultanagnosia [JOCN 26:12]Daniela Balslev, Bartholomaeus Odoj, Johannes Rennig, Hans-Otto KarnathArticle
Abnormal Functional Activation During a Simple Word Repetition Task: A PET Study... [JOCN 12:5]Eamon McCrory, Uta Frith, Nicola Brunswick, Cathy PriceArticle2000-09-01
Abnormal Processing of Social Information from Faces in Autism [JOCN 13:2]Ralph Adolphs, Lonnie Sears, Joseph PivenArticle2001-02-01
About FaceJonathan ColeBook1999-02-18
About Object es in the German Vorfeld [LING 38:3]André MeinungerArticle2007-07-01
About TimeWilliam FriedmanBook1990-09-01
Absence of Cycles in Symmetric Neural Networks [NECO 10:5]Xin Wang, Arun Jagota, Fernanda Botelho, Max GarzonArticle1998-07-01
Absence of Face-specific Cortical Activity in the Complete Absence of Awareness:... [JOCN 24:2]Valia Rodríguez, Russell Thompson, Mark Stokes, Matthew Brett, Indira Alvarez, Mitchell Valdes-Sosa, John DuncanArticle2012-02-01
Absolute Pitch: Evidence for Early Cognitive Facilitation during Passive Listeni... [JOCN 27:3]Lars Rogenmoser, Stefan Elmer, Lutz JänckeArticle
Abstract Genetic Representation of Dynamical Neural Networks Using Kauffman Netw... [ARTL 3:2]Ian Robert East, Jon RoweArticle1997-04-01
Abstract Stimulus-Specific Adaptation Models [NECO 23:2]Robert Mill, Martin Coath, Thomas Wennekers, Susan L. DenhamArticle2011-02-01
Abstract Syntax as Interlingua: Scaling Up the Grammatical Framework from Contro... [COLI 46:2]Aarne Ranta, Krasimir Angelov, Normunds Gruzitis, Prasanth KolachinaArticle
Abstraction, Sensory-Motor Coordination, and the Reality Gap in Evolutionary Rob... [ARTL 23:2]Kirk Y. W. Scheper, Guido C. H. E. de CroonArticle
Accelerated intermittent theta burst stimulation in major depression induces dec... [NETN 3:1]Karen Caeyenberghs, Romain Duprat, Alexander Leemans, Hadi Hosseini, Peter H. Wilson, Debby Klooster, Chris BaekenArticle
Accelerated Multiplicative Updates and Hierarchical ALS Algorithms for Nonnegati... [NECO 24:4]Nicolas Gillis, François GlineurArticle2012-04-01
Accelerated Spike Resampling for Accurate Multiple Testing Controls [NECO 25:2]Matthew T. HarrisonArticle2013-02-01
Accelerating Event-Driven Simulation of Spiking Neurons with Multiple Synaptic T... [NECO 21:4]Michiel D'Haene, Benjamin Schrauwen, Jan Van Campenhout, Dirk StroobandtArticle2009-04-01
Accelerating Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithms Using Extrapolation [NECO 31:2]Andersen Man Shun Ang, Nicolas GillisArticle
Accent-induced Modulation of Neural and Movement Patterns during Spontaneous Syn... [JOCN 32:12]Cécile J. Bouvet, Benoît G. Bardy, Peter E. Keller, Simone Dalla Bella, Sylvie Nozaradan, Manuel VarletArticle
Access to Lexical Information in Language Comprehension: Semantics before Syntax [JOCN 18:1]Oliver Müller, Peter HagoortArticle2006-01-01
Accessing and Browsing Information and CommunicationRonald E. Rice, Maureen McCreadie, Shan-Ju L. ChangBook2001-09-01
Accessing Semantic Person Knowledge: Temporal Dynamics of Nonstrategic Categoric... [JOCN 23:2]Holger Wiese, Stefan R. SchweinbergerArticle2011-02-01
Accessor Variety Criteria for Chinese Word Extraction [COLI 30:1]Haodi Feng, Kang Chen, Xiaotie Deng, Weimin ZhengArticle2004-03-01
Accessory Stimulus Effects on Response Selection: Does Arousal Speed Decision Ma... [JOCN 11:3]Steven A. Hackley, Fernando Valle-InclánArticle1999-05-01
Accidental Gaps and Surface-Based Phonotactic Learning: A Case Study of South Bo... [LING 49:3]Colin Wilson, Gillian GallagherArticle
Accretor : Generative Materiality in the Work of Driessens and Verstappen [ARTL 21:3]Mitchell WhitelawArticle
Accuracy and Efficiency in Fixed-Point Neural ODE Solvers [NECO 27:10]Michael Hopkins, Steve FurberArticle
Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier Systems: Models, Analysis and Applications to... [EVCO 11:3]Ester Bernadó-Mansilla, Josep M. Garrell-GuiuArticle2003-09-01
Accurate Connection Strength Estimation Based on Variational Bayes for Detecting... [NECO 27:4]Takuya Isomura, Yutaro Ogawa, Kiyoshi Kotani, Yasuhiko JimboArticle
An Accurate Measure of the Instantaneous Discharge Probability, with Application... [NECO 12:3]Quentin Pauluis, Stuart N. BakerArticle2000-03-01
Accurate On-line Support Vector Regression [NECO 15:11]Junshui Ma, James Theiler, Simon PerkinsArticle2003-11-01