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Being ThereAndy ClarkBook1998-01-09
MicrocognitionAndy ClarkBook1991-02-05
Mechanisms of Implicit LearningAxel CleeremansBook1993-04-13
From Animals to Animats 3David Cliff, Phil Husbands, Jean-Arcady Meyer, Stewart W. WilsonBook1994-07-27
Color Ontology and Color ScienceJonathan Cohen, Mohan MatthenBook2010-06-30
Shape of Actions, TheHarry M. Collins, Martin KuschBook1999-01-22
Feeling Body, TheGiovanna ColombettiBook2014-01-31
Computation, Causation, and DiscoveryGregory F. Cooper, Clark GlymourBook1999-06-18
On Infinitives and Floating Quantification [LING 41:3]Francesco CostantiniArticle2010-07-01
MetareasoningMichael T. Cox, Anita RajaBook2011-03-31
Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern AgeRichard CoyneBook1995-09-28
Investigations in Universal GrammarStephen Crain, Rosalind ThorntonBook1998-05-24
Suspensions of PerceptionJonathan CraryBook2000-01-14
Meaning and Mental RepresentationRobert CumminsBook1991-02-05
Philosophy and AIRobert Cummins, John L. PollockBook1995-08-28
Representations, Targets, and AttitudesRobert CumminsBook1996-01-23
ParadoxMargaret CuonzoBook2014-03-28
Without MiraclesGary A. CzikoBook1997-02-07
Semantics and Syntax in Lexical Functional GrammarMary DalrympleBook1999-04-09
Robot SexJohn Danaher, Neil McArthurBook2017-10-06
Asymmetrical Brain, TheRichard J. Davidson, Kenneth HugdahlBook2004-09-01
Nature of Insight, TheJanet E. Davidson, Robert J. SternbergBook1994-11-07
Norms of NaturePaul Sheldon DaviesBook2003-03-01
Natural History of Natural Theology, AHelen De Cruz, Johan De SmedtBook2014-12-19
Subject's Matter, TheFrederique De Vignemont, Adrian J. T. AlsmithBook2017-12-08
EmpathyJean DecetyBook2012-01-02
Crisis on CampusWilfried DecooBook2002-01-01
Person Features and Pronominal Anaphora [LING 42:2]Denis Delfitto, Gaetano FiorinArticle2011-04-01
Surprising Impact of What We Don't Know, TheDaniel R. DeNicolaBook2017-08-11
Artificial Life as Philosophy [ARTL 1:3]Daniel C. DennettArticle1994-04-01
BrainchildrenDaniel C. DennettBook1998-01-30
BrainstormsDaniel C. DennettBook1981-07-13
Elbow RoomDaniel C. DennettBook2015-09-15
Brainstorms, Fortieth Anniversary EditionDaniel C. DennettBook2017-12-08
Evolution and LearningDavid J. Depew, Bruce H. WeberBook2007-05-03
Myth of the Intuitive, TheMax DeutschBook2015-04-24
Realistic Spirit, TheCora DiamondBook1995-03-02
Changing MindsAndrea diSessaBook2001-10-01
Time and RealismYuval DolevBook2007-10-31
Where the Action IsPaul DourishBook2004-09-01
Explaining BehaviorFred DretskeBook1991-02-05
Naturalizing The MindFred DretskeBook1997-08-01
Language, Brain, and Cognitive DevelopmentEmmanuel DupouxBook2001-10-01
What Is Cognitive Science?Barbara Von EckardtBook1995-03-02
Closed World, ThePaul N. EdwardsBook1996-04-08
Sex and the BrainGillian EinsteinBook2007-11-30
Ellipsis Sites as Definite Descriptions [LING 39:2]Paul ElbourneArticle2008-04-01
Real Natures and Familiar ObjectsCrawford L. ElderBook2005-09-01
True EnoughCatherine Z. ElginBook2017-10-13
Strong FeelingsJon ElsterBook2000-07-31