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Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Volume 2Leonard TalmyBook2003-03-01
Slim Book about Narrow Content, AGabriel M.A. SegalBook2000-06-12
Language of Thought, TheSusan SchneiderBook2011-06-30
Timing of BehaviorDavid A. Rosenbaum, Charles E. CollyerBook1998-07-24
Foundations of Cognitive Science, TheMichael I. PosnerBook1993-08-23
Mind as MotionRobert F. Port, Timothy van GelderBook1998-01-09
Study of Concepts, AChristopher PeacockeBook1995-09-25
Situating SemanticsMichael O'Rourke, Corey WashingtonBook2007-09-30
Language, Thought, and Other Biological CategoriesRuth Garrett MillikanBook1984-04-13
Explaining the Computational MindMarcin MilkowskiBook2013-04-26
Being No OneThomas MetzingerBook2004-09-01
Animal ThinkingRandolf Menzel, Julia FischerBook2011-12-09
Categorization and Naming in ChildrenEllen M MarkmanBook1991-05-02
History of Modern Experimental Psychology, AGeorge MandlerBook2007-06-08
Dialogues with DavidsonJeff MalpasBook2011-08-05
ConsciousnessWilliam G. LycanBook1995-03-01
Children with Specific Language ImpairmentLaurence B. LeonardBook1997-09-05
Knowledge, Concepts, and CategoriesKoen Lamberts, David ShanksBook1997-10-31
Linguistic Turn in Hermeneutic Philosophy, TheCristina LafontBook2002-08-07
Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge EngineeringNikola KasabovBook1996-10-11
Logic as GrammarNorbert HornsteinBook1986-08-28
Mind Design IIJohn HaugelandBook1997-03-01
Words, Thoughts, and TheoriesAlison Gopnik, Andrew N. MeltzoffBook1998-07-31
Modularity in Knowledge Representation and Natural-Language UnderstandingJay L. GarfieldBook1991-02-05
Naturalizing The MindFred DretskeBook1997-08-01
Realistic Spirit, TheCora DiamondBook1995-03-02
Past, Space, and SelfJohn CampbellBook1995-08-28
Contours of Agency, TheSarah Buss, Lee OvertonBook2002-06-01
Knowledge and MindAndrew Brook, Robert J. StaintonBook2001-09-01
Minding MindsRadu J. BogdanBook2003-09-01
Terms and TruthAlan BergerBook2005-03-01
What Is Thought?Eric B. BaumBook2006-03-01