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Timing of BehaviorDavid A. Rosenbaum, Charles E. CollyerBook1998-07-24
Graphical Models for Machine Learning and Digital CommunicationBrendan J. FreyBook1998-06-26
Politics of Denial, TheMichael A. Milburn, Sheree D. ConradBook1998-01-09
Children with Specific Language ImpairmentLaurence B. LeonardBook1997-09-05
Artificial LifeChristopher G. LangtonBook1997-01-22
Coordinating Distributed ObjectsSvend FrolundBook1996-11-01
Connectionism and the Philosophy of PsychologyTerence E. Horgan, John TiensonBook1996-05-17
Toward a Science of ConsciousnessStuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak, Alwyn C. ScottBook1996-03-26
Mind and MoralsLarry May, Andy Clark, Marilyn FriedmanBook1996-01-17
Developmental PsychobiologyGeorge F. Michel, Celia L. MooreBook1995-10-16
Sketches of ThoughtVinod GoelBook1995-10-03
Realistic Spirit, TheCora DiamondBook1995-03-02
Philosophical PsychopathologyGeorge Graham, G. Lynn StephensBook1995-01-10
Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive ScienceAlvin I. GoldmanBook1993-11-19
Identity, Character, and MoralityOwen Flanagan, Amélie Oksenberg RortyBook1993-08-26
Global NetworksLinda M. HarasimBook1993-08-02
Language, Music, and MindDiana RaffmanBook1993-03-02
Child's Theory of Mind, TheHenry M. WellmanBook1992-10-08
Unity of the Self, TheStephen WhiteBook1991-10-30
Neural Network Learning and Expert SystemsStephen I. GallantBook1991-10-17
Science of the Mind, Second Edition, TheOwen FlanaganBook1991-03-05
About TimeWilliam FriedmanBook1990-09-01