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Neural Emotion Regulation Circuitry Underlying Anxiolytic Effects of Perceived C... [JOCN 27:2]Tim V. Salomons, Robin Nusslock, Allison Detloff, Tom Johnstone, Richard J. DavidsonArticle
Neural Entrainment to the Rhythmic Structure of Music [JOCN 27:2]Adam Tierney, Nina KrausArticle
The Role of Dopamine in Motor Flexibility [JOCN 27:2]Sven Bestmann, Diane Ruge, John Rothwell, Joseph M. GaleaArticle
Voice Identity Recognition: Functional Division of the Right STS and Its Behavio... [JOCN 27:2]Sonja Schall, Stefan J. Kiebel, Burkhard Maess, Katharina von KriegsteinArticle
Cognitive Control Predicts Use of Model-based Reinforcement Learning [JOCN 27:2]A. Ross Otto, Anya Skatova, Seth Madlon-Kay, Nathaniel D. DawArticle
The Association between Gray Matter Volume and Reading Proficiency: A Longitudin... [JOCN 27:2]Janosch Linkersdörfer, Alina Jurcoane, Sven Lindberg, Jochen Kaiser, Marcus Hasselhorn, Christian J. Fiebach, Jan LonnemannArticle
Adaptive Coding of Orofacial and Speech Actions in Motor and Somatosensory Space... [JOCN 27:2]Marc Sato, Coriandre Vilain, Laurent Lamalle, Krystyna GrabskiArticle
Dissociable Effects of Motivation and Expectancy on Conflict Processing: An fMRI... [JOCN 27:2]Alexander Soutschek, Christine Stelzel, Lena Paschke, Henrik Walter, Torsten SchubertArticle
The Role of the Right Posterior Parietal Cortex in Letter Migration between Word... [JOCN 27:2]Dario Cazzoli, René M. Müri, Christopher Kennard, Clive R. RosenthalArticle
Bias for the Left Visual Field in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation: Effects of A... [JOCN 27:2]Kamila Śmigasiewicz, Dariusz Asanowicz, Nicole Westphal, Rolf VerlegerArticle
Relating Hippocampus to Relational Memory Processing across Domains and Delays [JOCN 27:2]Jim M. Monti, Gillian E. Cooke, Patrick D. Watson, Michelle W. Voss, Arthur F. Kramer, Neal J. CohenArticle
“Me & My Brain”: Exposing Neuroscience's Closet Dualism [JOCN 27:2]Liad Mudrik, Uri MaozArticle
Sensory Processing and the Rubber Hand Illusion—An Evoked Potentials Study [JOCN 27:3]Daniel Zeller, Vladimir Litvak, Karl J. Friston, Joseph ClassenArticle
Absolute Pitch: Evidence for Early Cognitive Facilitation during Passive Listeni... [JOCN 27:3]Lars Rogenmoser, Stefan Elmer, Lutz JänckeArticle
Spatiotemporal Neurodynamics Underlying Internally and Externally Driven Tempora... [JOCN 27:3]Giovanni Mento, Vincenza Tarantino, Antonio Vallesi, Patrizia Silvia BisiacchiArticle
Modulation of Alpha Activity in the Parieto-occipital Area by Distractors during... [JOCN 27:3]Satoe Ichihara-Takeda, Shogo Yazawa, Takashi Murahara, Takanobu Toyoshima, Jun Shinozaki, Masanori Ishiguro, Hideaki Shiraishi, Nozomu Ikeda, Kiyoji Matsuyama, Shintaro Funahashi, Takashi NagamineArticle
The Role of Phase-locking to the Temporal Envelope of Speech in Auditory Percept... [JOCN 27:3]Rebecca E. Millman, Sam R. Johnson, Garreth PrendergastArticle
Size Precedes View: Developmental Emergence of Invariant Object Representations ... [JOCN 27:3]Mayu Nishimura, K. Suzanne Scherf, Valentinos Zachariou, Michael J. Tarr, Michael J. Tarr, Marlene BehrmannArticle
Inferior Parietal Lobule Contributions to Visual Word Recognition [JOCN 27:3]Magdalena W. Sliwinska, Alyson James, Joseph T. DevlinArticle
Asymmetric Connectivity between the Anterior Temporal Lobe and the Language Netw... [JOCN 27:3]Robert S. Hurley, Borna Bonakdarpour, Xue Wang, M.-Marsel MesulamArticle
Long Allele Carriers Show Heightened Attention to High-priority Items Relative ... [JOCN 27:3]Marissa A. Gorlick, Darrell A. Worthy, Valerie S. Knopik, John E. McGeary, Christopher G. Beevers, W. Todd MaddoxArticle
Age-related Shift in Neural Complexity Related to Task Performance and Physical ... [JOCN 27:3]Jennifer J. Heisz, Michelle Gould, Anthony R. McIntoshArticle
Modality-specific Alpha Modulations Facilitate Long-term Memory Encoding in the ... [JOCN 27:3]Haiteng Jiang, Marcel A. J. van Gerven, Ole JensenArticle
Temporal Dynamics of Attention during Encoding versus Maintenance of Working Mem... [JOCN 27:3]Nicholas E. Myers, Lena Walther, George Wallis, Mark G. Stokes, Anna C. NobreArticle
Complementary Roles of Human Hippocampal Subfields in Differentiation and Integr... [JOCN 27:3]Jared Stokes, Colin Kyle, Arne D. EkstromArticle
Levels of Processing in Working Memory: Differential Involvement of Frontotempor... [JOCN 27:3]Nathan S. Rose, Fergus I. M. Craik, Bradley R. BuchsbaumArticle
Regional White Matter Variation Associated with Domain-specific Metacognitive Ac... [JOCN 27:3]Benjamin Baird, Matthew Cieslak, Jonathan Smallwood, Scott T. Grafton, Jonathan W. SchoolerArticle
Functional Properties of Parietal Hand Manipulation–related Neurons and Mirror N... [JOCN 27:3]Kazutaka Maeda, Hiroaki Ishida, Katsumi Nakajima, Masahiko Inase, Akira MurataArticle
Normal Body Perception despite the Loss of Right Fusiform Gyrus [JOCN 27:3]Tirta Susilo, Hua Yang, Zachary Potter, Rachel Robbins, Bradley DuchaineArticle
Contextual Alignment of Cognitive and Neural Dynamics [JOCN 27:4]Daniel L. Ames, Christopher J. Honey, Michael A. Chow, Alexander Todorov, Uri HassonArticle
Semantic Advantage for Learning New Phonological Form Representations [JOCN 27:4]Erin Hawkins, Duncan E. Astle, Kathleen RastleArticle
Olfaction Modulates Early Neural Responses to Matching Visual Objects [JOCN 27:4]Amanda K. Robinson, Judith Reinhard, Jason B. MattingleyArticle
The Animacy Continuum in the Human Ventral Vision Pathway [JOCN 27:4]Long Sha, James V. Haxby, Hervé Abdi, J. Swaroop Guntupalli, Nikolaas N. Oosterhof, Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Andrew C. ConnollyArticle
Selective Attention Modulates Early Human Evoked Potentials during Emotional Fac... [JOCN 27:4]Hao Tam Ho, Erich Schröger, Sonja A. KotzArticle
A Hippocampal Signature of Perceptual Learning in Object Recognition [JOCN 27:4]Matthias Guggenmos, Marcus Rothkirch, Klaus Obermayer, John-Dylan Haynes, Philipp SterzerArticle
The Neural Correlates of Speech Motor Sequence Learning [JOCN 27:4]Jennifer A. Segawa, Jason A. Tourville, Deryk S. Beal, Frank H. GuentherArticle
The Strength of Gradually Accruing Probabilistic Evidence Modulates Brain Activi... [JOCN 27:4]Mark E. Wheeler, Sarah G. Woo, Tobin Ansel, Joshua J. Tremel, Amanda L. Collier, Katerina Velanova, Elisabeth J. Ploran, Tianming YangArticle
Reinstatement of Individual Past Events Revealed by the Similarity of Distribute... [JOCN 27:4]Erik A. Wing, Maureen Ritchey, Roberto CabezaArticle
Neural Interaction between Logical Reasoning and Pragmatic Processing in Narrati... [JOCN 27:4]Jérôme Prado, Nicola Spotorno, Eric Koun, Emily Hewitt, Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst, Dan Sperber, Ira A. NoveckArticle
Implicit Agency in Observed Actions: Evidence for N1 Suppression of Tones Caused... [JOCN 27:4]Simandeep K. Poonian, Jessica McFadyen, Jessica Ogden, Ross CunningtonArticle
Past Makes Future: Role of pFC in Prediction [JOCN 27:4]Joaquín M. Fuster, Steven L. BresslerArticle
Pupillometry as a Glimpse into the Neurochemical Basis of Human Memory Encoding [JOCN 27:4]Russell Cohen Hoffing, Aaron R. SeitzArticle
Patterns of Modulation in the Activity and Connectivity of Motor Cortex during t... [JOCN 27:4]Ella Gabitov, David Manor, Avi KarniArticle
The Attentional Blink Impairs Detection and Delays Encoding of Visual Informatio... [JOCN 27:4]Roberto Dell'Acqua, Paul E. Dux, Brad Wyble, Mattia Doro, Paola Sessa, Federica Meconi, Pierre JolicoeurArticle
Valence Asymmetries in the Human Amygdala: Task Relevance Modulates Amygdala Res... [JOCN 27:4]Paul E. Stillman, Jay J. Van Bavel, William A. CunninghamArticle
Brain Responses to World Knowledge Violations: A Comparison of Stimulus- and Fix... [JOCN 27:5]Paul Metzner, Titus von der Malsburg, Shravan Vasishth, Frank RöslerArticle
Activation of New Attentional Templates for Real-world Objects in Visual Search [JOCN 27:5]Rebecca Nako, Tim J. Smith, Martin EimerArticle
Structural Similarity Exerts Opposing Effects on Perceptual Differentiation and ... [JOCN 27:5]Christian Gerlach, Xun Zhu, Jane E. JosephArticle
Superfluous Neuroscience Information Makes Explanations of Psychological Phenome... [JOCN 27:5]Diego Fernandez-Duque, Jessica Evans, Colton Christian, Sara D. HodgesArticle
Sensitivity to Object Impossibility in the Human Visual Cortex: Evidence from Fu... [JOCN 27:5]Erez Freud, Gideon Rosenthal, Tzvi Ganel, Galia AvidanArticle