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Influence of External Inputs and Asymmetry of Connections on Information-Geometr... [NECO 26:10]Yimin Nie, Jean-Marc Fellous, Masami TatsunoArticle2014-10-01
Efficient Sensory Encoding and Bayesian Inference with Heterogeneous Neural Popu... [NECO 26:10]Deep Ganguli, Eero P. SimoncelliArticle2014-10-01
Hierarchical Control Using Networks Trained with Higher-Level Forward Models [NECO 26:10]Greg Wayne, L. F. AbbottArticle2014-10-01
Spine Head Calcium as a Measure of Summed Postsynaptic Activity for Driving Syna... [NECO 26:10]Bruce P. Graham, Ausra Saudargiene, Stuart CobbArticle2014-10-01
Learning Rates of lq Coefficient Regularization Learning with Gaussian Kernel [NECO 26:10]Shaobo Lin, Jinshan Zeng, Jian Fang, Zongben XuArticle2014-10-01
On Antiperiodic Solutions for Cohen-Grossberg Shunting Inhibitory Neural Network... [NECO 26:10]Changjin Xu, Qiming ZhangArticle2014-10-01
Design of Charge-Balanced Time-Optimal Stimuli for Spiking Neuron Oscillators [NECO 26:10]Isuru S. Dasanayake, Jr-Shin LiArticle2014-10-01
Fragility in Dynamic Networks: Application to Neural Networks in the Epileptic C... [NECO 26:10]Duluxan Sritharan, Sridevi V. SarmaArticle2014-10-01
Dimensionality of Object Representations in Monkey Inferotemporal Cortex [NECO 26:10]Sidney R. Lehky, Roozbeh Kiani, Hossein Esteky, Keiji TanakaArticle2014-10-01
Intermittent Animal Behavior: The Adjustment-Deployment Dilemma [ARTL 20:4]Miguel Aguilera, Manuel G. Bedia, Francisco Seron, Xabier E. Barandiaran, Xabier E. BarandiaranArticle2014-10-01
Evolving Functional and Structural Dynamism in Coupled Boolean Networks [ARTL 20:4]Larry BullArticle2014-10-01
Building Polyhedra by Self-Assembly: Theory and Experiment [ARTL 20:4]Ryan Kaplan, Joseph Klobušický, Shivendra Pandey, David H. Gracias, Govind MenonArticle2014-10-01
The Effects of Recombination on Phenotypic Exploration and Robustness in Evoluti... [ARTL 20:4]Ting Hu, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Jason H. MooreArticle2014-10-01
Evolution of Communication Protocols Using an Artificial Regulatory Network [ARTL 20:4]W. Garrett MitchenerArticle2014-10-01
Reviewers of Volume 20 [ARTL 20:4]Article2014-10-01
Subject Islands, Reconstruction, and the Flow of the Computation [LING 45:4]Valentina Bianchi, Cristiano ChesiArticle2014-10-01
The Rich Agreement Hypothesis Rehabilitated [LING 45:4]Olaf Koeneman, Hedde ZeijlstraArticle2014-10-01
Licensing Trouble [LING 45:4]Mark Norris, Line Mikkelsen, Jorge HankamerArticle2014-10-01
Resumptive Pronouns and Competition [LING 45:4]Ivy SichelArticle2014-10-01
Classifiers Are for Numerals, Not for Nouns: Consequences for the Mass/Count Dis... [LING 45:4]Alan Bale, Jessica CoonArticle2014-10-01
Defects of Defective Intervention [LING 45:4]Benjamin BrueningArticle2014-10-01
Books and Journals Received [LING 45:4]Article2014-10-01
Index to Volume 45 [LING 45:4]Article2014-10-01
Sequential Activity in Asymmetrically Coupled Winner-Take-All Circuits [NECO 26:9]Hesham Mostafa, Giacomo IndiveriArticle2014-09-01
A Bayesian Model of Polychronicity [NECO 26:9]Mira Guise, Alistair Knott, Lubica BenuskovaArticle2014-09-01
Memory Nearly on a Spring: A Mean First Passage Time Approach to Memory Lifetime... [NECO 26:9]Terry ElliottArticle2014-09-01
Neuronal Spike Train Entropy Estimation by History Clustering [NECO 26:9]Nicholas Watters, George N. ReekeArticle2014-09-01
A Nonparametric Clustering Algorithm with a Quantile-Based Likelihood Estimator [NECO 26:9]Hideitsu Hino, Noboru MurataArticle2014-09-01
Synchronization of Stochastic Competitive Neural Networks with Different Timesca... [NECO 26:9]Yanchao Shi, Peiyong ZhuArticle2014-09-01
Sparseness, Antisparseness and Anything in Between: The Operating Point of a Neu... [NECO 26:9]Terry ElliottArticle2014-09-01
A Semiparametric Bayesian Model for Detecting Synchrony Among Multiple Neurons [NECO 26:9]Babak Shahbaba, Bo Zhou, Shiwei Lan, Hernando Ombao, David Moorman, Sam BehsetaArticle2014-09-01
Continuous Closed-Loop Decoder Adaptation with a Recursive Maximum Likelihood Al... [NECO 26:9]Siddharth Dangi, Suraj Gowda, Helene G. Moorman, Amy L. Orsborn, Kelvin So, Maryam Shanechi, Jose M. CarmenaArticle2014-09-01
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Online Motor Correction Processing Revealed by High-d... [JOCN 26:9]Laura Dipietro, Howard Poizner, Hermano I. KrebsArticle2014-09-01
Ventral Striatum and the Evaluation of Memory Retrieval Strategies [JOCN 26:9]David Badre, Sophie Lebrecht, David Pagliaccio, Nicole M. Long, Jason M. ScimecaArticle2014-09-01
Effects of Search Difficulty on the Selection, Maintenance, and Learning of Atte... [JOCN 26:9]Eren Gunseli, Christian N. L. Olivers, Martijn MeeterArticle2014-09-01
Set-relevance Determines the Impact of Distractors on Episodic Memory Retrieval [JOCN 26:9]Sze Chai Kwok, Tim Shallice, Emiliano MacalusoArticle2014-09-01
Moving Mirrors: A High-density EEG Study Investigating the Effect of Camera Move... [JOCN 26:9]Katrin Heimann, Maria Alessandra Umiltà, Michele Guerra, Vittorio GalleseArticle2014-09-01
Visual Memory in Unilateral Spatial Neglect: Immediate Recall versus Delayed Rec... [JOCN 26:9]Elior Moreh, Tal Seidel Malkinson, Ehud Zohary, Nachum SorokerArticle2014-09-01
Mapping the Semantic Structure of Cognitive Neuroscience [JOCN 26:9]Elizabeth Beam, L. Gregory Appelbaum, Jordynn Jack, James Moody, Scott A. HuettelArticle2014-09-01
The Impact of Childhood Experience on Amygdala Response to Perceptually Familiar... [JOCN 26:9]Jasmin Cloutier, Tianyi Li, Joshua CorrellArticle2014-09-01
Persistent Hemispheric Differences in the Perceptual Selection of Spatial Freque... [JOCN 26:9]Elise A. Piazza, Michael A. SilverArticle2014-09-01
Disposed to Distraction: Genetic Variation in the Cholinergic System Influences ... [JOCN 26:9]Anne S. Berry, Elise Demeter, Surya Sabhapathy, Brett A. English, Randy D. Blakely, Martin Sarter, Cindy LustigArticle2014-09-01
Functional Specialization within Macaque Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex for the ... [JOCN 26:9]Sabeeha Hussein, Kevin Johnston, Brandon Belbeck, Stephen G. Lomber, Stefan EverlingArticle2014-09-01
Reach Out and Touch Someone: Anticipatory Sensorimotor Processes of Active Inter... [JOCN 26:9]Sjoerd J. H. Ebisch, Francesca Ferri, Gian Luca Romani, Vittorio GalleseArticle2014-09-01
From Feedback- to Response-based Performance Monitoring in Active and Observatio... [JOCN 26:9]Christian Bellebaum, Marco ColosioArticle2014-09-01
Neurophysiological Signals of Ignoring and Attending Are Separable and Related t... [JOCN 26:9]Agatha Lenartowicz, Gregory V. Simpson, Catherine M. Haber, Mark S. CohenArticle2014-09-01
Distinct Neural Specializations for Learning to Read Words and Name Objects [JOCN 26:9]J. S. H. Taylor, Kathleen Rastle, Matthew H. DavisArticle2014-09-01
Prestimulus Interhemispheric Coupling of Brain Rhythms Predicts Cognitive–Motor ... [JOCN 26:9]Fabrizio Vecchio, Giordano Lacidogna, Francesca Miraglia, Placido Bramanti, Florinda Ferreri, Paolo Maria RossiniArticle2014-09-01
ERPs Recorded during Early Second Language Exposure Predict Syntactic Learning [JOCN 26:9]Laura Batterink, Helen J. NevilleArticle2014-09-01
Conscious and Unconscious Representations of Observed Actions in the Human Motor... [JOCN 26:9]Alan D. A. Mattiassi, Sonia Mele, Luca F. Ticini, Cosimo UrgesiArticle2014-09-01