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The Face of Negative Affect: Trial-by-Trial Corrugator Responses to Negative Pic... [JOCN 26:9]Aaron S. Heller, Regina C. Lapate, Kaitlyn E. Mayer, Richard J. DavidsonArticle2014-09-01
Electrophysiological Evidence for the Involvement of the Approximate Number Syst... [JOCN 26:9]Michal Pinhas, Sarah E. Donohue, Marty G. Woldorff, Elizabeth M. Brannon, Elizabeth M. BrannonArticle2014-09-01
When Events Change Their Nature: The Neurocognitive Mechanisms Underlying Aspect... [JOCN 26:9]Martin Paczynski, Ray Jackendoff, Gina KuperbergArticle2014-09-01
Automatic Selection of HPSG-Parsed Sentences for Treebank Construction [COLI 40:3]Montserrat Marimon, Núria Bel, Lluís PadróArticle2014-09-01
On the Universal Generation Problem for Unification Grammars [COLI 40:3]Jürgen WedekindArticle2014-09-01
A Random Walk–Based Model for Identifying Semantic Orientation [COLI 40:3]Ahmed Hassan, Amjad Abu-Jbara, Wanchen Lu, Dragomir RadevArticle2014-09-01
Feature-Frequency–Adaptive On-line Training for Fast and Accurate Natural Langua... [COLI 40:3]Xu Sun, Wenjie Li, Houfeng Wang, Qin LuArticle2014-09-01
Probabilistic Distributional Semantics with Latent Variable Models [COLI 40:3]Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha, Anna KorhonenArticle2014-09-01
Similarity-Driven Semantic Role Induction via Graph Partitioning [COLI 40:3]Joel Lang, Mirella LapataArticle2014-09-01
Improved Estimation of Entropy for Evaluation of Word Sense Induction [COLI 40:3]Linlin Li, Ivan Titov, Caroline SporlederArticle2014-09-01
Pushdown Automata in Statistical Machine Translation [COLI 40:3]Cyril Allauzen, Bill Byrne, Adrià de Gispert, Gonzalo Iglesias, Michael RileyArticle2014-09-01
Charles J. Fillmore [COLI 40:3]Dan JurafskyArticle2014-09-01
On a Vector Space Representation in Genetic Algorithms for Sensor Scheduling in ... [EVCO 22:3]F. V. C. Martins, E. G. Carrano, E. F. Wanner, R. H. C. Takahashi, G. R. Mateus, F. G. NakamuraArticle2014-09-01
General Upper Bounds on the Runtime of Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms [EVCO 22:3]Jörg Lässig, Dirk SudholtArticle2014-09-01
Test Problem Construction for Single-Objective Bilevel Optimization [EVCO 22:3]Ankur Sinha, Pekka Malo, Kalyanmoy DebArticle2014-09-01
Life on the Edge: Characterising the Edges of Mutually Non-dominating Sets [EVCO 22:3]Richard M. Everson, David J. Walker, Jonathan E. FieldsendArticle2014-09-01
On the Behaviour of the (1, λ)-ES for Conically Constrained Linear Problems [EVCO 22:3]Dirk V. ArnoldArticle2014-09-01
Tonically Balancing Intracortical Excitation and Inhibition by GABAergic Gliotra... [NECO 26:8]Meihong Zheng, Takami Matsuo, Ai Miyamoto, Osamu HoshinoArticle2014-08-01
Anatomical Constraints on Lateral Competition in Columnar Cortical Architectures [NECO 26:8]Dylan R. Muir, Matthew CookArticle2014-08-01
Information-Theoretic Semi-Supervised Metric Learning via Entropy Regularization [NECO 26:8]Gang Niu, Bo Dai, Makoto Yamada, Masashi SugiyamaArticle2014-08-01
Bayesian Active Learning of Neural Firing Rate Maps with Transformed Gaussian Pr... [NECO 26:8]Mijung Park, J. Patrick Weller, Gregory D. Horwitz, Jonathan W. PillowArticle2014-08-01
ROC-Based Estimates of Neural-Behavioral Covariations Using Matched Filters [NECO 26:8]Kamal Farah, Jackson E. T. Smith, Erik P. CookArticle2014-08-01
Incremental Learning by Message Passing in Hierarchical Temporal Memory [NECO 26:8]Erik M. Rehn, Davide MaltoniArticle2014-08-01
How to Compress Sequential Memory Patterns into Periodic Oscillations: General R... [NECO 26:8]Kechen ZhangArticle2014-08-01
The Competing Benefits of Noise and Heterogeneity in Neural Coding [NECO 26:8]Eric Hunsberger, Matthew Scott, Chris EliasmithArticle2014-08-01
Producing Speech with a Newly Learned Morphosyntax and Vocabulary: An Magnetoenc... [JOCN 26:8]Annika Hultén, Leena Karvonen, Matti Laine, Riitta SalmelinArticle2014-08-01
Brain Signature of Working Memory for Sentence Structure: Enriched Encoding and ... [JOCN 26:8]Corinna E. Bonhage, Christian J. Fiebach, Jörg Bahlmann, Jutta L. MuellerArticle2014-08-01
Decomposing Decision Components in the Stop-signal Task: A Model-based Approach ... [JOCN 26:8]Corey N. White, Eliza Congdon, Jeanette A. Mumford, Katherine H. Karlsgodt, Fred W. Sabb, Nelson B. Freimer, Edythe D. London, Tyrone D. Cannon, Robert M. Bilder, Russell A. PoldrackArticle2014-08-01
Prestimulus Oscillations in the Alpha Band of the EEG Are Modulated by the Diffi... [JOCN 26:8]Daniel M. Roberts, John R. Fedota, George A. Buzzell, Raja Parasuraman, Craig G. McDonaldArticle2014-08-01
Observing, Performing, and Understanding Actions: Revisiting the Role of Cortica... [JOCN 26:8]Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer, Matthias Ekman, Markus van Ackeren, James KilnerArticle2014-08-01
The Necessity of the Medial Temporal Lobe for Statistical Learning [JOCN 26:8]Anna C. Schapiro, Emma Gregory, Barbara Landau, Michael McCloskey, Nicholas B. Turk-BrowneArticle2014-08-01
Reactivating Memories during Sleep by Odors: Odor Specificity and Associated Cha... [JOCN 26:8]Julia S. Rihm, Susanne Diekelmann, Jan Born, Björn RaschArticle2014-08-01
Dissociable Neuroanatomical Correlates of Subsecond and Suprasecond Time Percept... [JOCN 26:8]Masamichi J. Hayashi, Moona Kantele, Vincent Walsh, Synnöve Carlson, Ryota KanaiArticle2014-08-01
Recognizing an Object from the Sum of Its Parts: An Intracranial Study on Alpha ... [JOCN 26:8]Josie-Anne Bertrand, Julie Tremblay, Maryse Lassonde, Phetsamone Vannasing, Dang Khoa Nguyen, Manon Robert, Alain Bouthillier, Franco LeporeArticle2014-08-01
Exploring the Roles of Spectral Detail and Intonation Contour in Speech Intellig... [JOCN 26:8]Jeong S. Kyong, Sophie K. Scott, Sophie K. Scott, Stuart Rosen, Timothy B. Howe, Zarinah K. Agnew, Carolyn McGettiganArticle2014-08-01
Come Together, Right Now: Dynamic Overwriting of an Object's History through Com... [JOCN 26:8]Roy Luria, Edward K. VogelArticle2014-08-01
Opposing Effects of Appetitive and Aversive Cues on Go/No-go Behavior and Motor ... [JOCN 26:8]Yu-Chin Chiu, Roshan Cools, Adam R. AronArticle2014-08-01
Associative Recognition Processes Are Modulated by Modality Relations [JOCN 26:8]Roni Tibon, Shir Ben-Zvi, Daniel A. LevyArticle2014-08-01
Brain Mechanisms of Successful Recognition through Retrieval of Semantic Context [JOCN 26:8]Kristin E. Flegal, Alejandro Marín-Gutiérrez, J. Daniel Ragland, Charan RanganathArticle2014-08-01
Regions of Mid-level Human Visual Cortex Sensitive to the Global Coherence of Lo... [JOCN 26:8]Damien J. Mannion, Daniel J. Kersten, Cheryl A. OlmanArticle2014-08-01
Activity in the Nucleus Accumbens and Amygdala Underlies Individual Differences ... [JOCN 26:8]Masahiko Haruno, Minoru Kimura, Christopher D. FrithArticle2014-08-01
The Moon Illusion and Size–Distance Scaling—Evidence for Shared Neural Patterns... [JOCN 26:8]Ralph Weidner, Thorsten Plewan, Qi Chen, Axel Buchner, Peter H. Weiss, Gereon R. FinkArticle2014-08-01
The Effect of FEF Microstimulation on the Responses of Neurons in the Lateral In... [JOCN 26:8]Elsie Premereur, Wim Vanduffel, Peter JanssenArticle2014-08-01
The Neural Coding of Feedback Learning across Child and Adolescent Development [JOCN 26:8]Sabine Peters, Barbara R. Braams, Maartje E. J. Raijmakers, P. Cédric M. P. Koolschijn, Eveline A. CroneArticle2014-08-01
The Role of Right Prefrontal and Medial Cortex in Response Inhibition: Interferi... [JOCN 26:8]Franziska Dambacher, Alexander T. Sack, Jill Lobbestael, Arnoud Arntz, Suzanne Brugman, Teresa SchuhmannArticle2014-08-01
Neural Substrates of the Development of Cognitive Control in Children Ages 5–10 ... [JOCN 26:8]Margaret Sheridan, Maria Kharitonova, Rebecca E. Martin, Aparna Chatterjee, John D. E. GabrieliArticle2014-08-01
Predication Drives Verb Cortical Signatures [JOCN 26:8]Mireia Hernández, Scott L. Fairhall, Alessandro Lenci, Marco Baroni, Alfonso CaramazzaArticle2014-08-01
Perceptual Expertise and Top–Down Expectation of Musical Notation Engages the Pr... [JOCN 26:8]Yetta Kwailing Wong, Cynthia Peng, Kristyn N. Fratus, Geoffrey F. Woodman, Isabel GauthierArticle2014-08-01
Discovering Functional Neuronal Connectivity from Serial Patterns in Spike Train... [NECO 26:7]Casey Diekman, Kohinoor Dasgupta, Vijay Nair, K. P. UnnikrishnanArticle2014-07-01
Causal Discovery via Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Embeddings [NECO 26:7]Zhitang Chen, Kun Zhang, Laiwan Chan, Bernhard SchölkopfArticle2014-07-01