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Movement under Control [LING 35:3]Cedric Boeckx, Norbert HornsteinArticle2004-07-01
On the Structure of Resultative Participles in English [LING 35:3]David EmbickArticle2004-07-01
A Compression-based Algorithm for Chinese Word Segmentation [COLI 26:3]W. J. Teahan, Yingying Wen, Rodger McNab, Ian H. WittenArticle2000-09-01
The Rhetorical Parsing of Unrestricted Texts: A Surface-based Approach [COLI 26:3]Daniel MarcuArticle2000-09-01
Foundations of Computational Linguistics: Man-Machine Communication in Natural L... [COLI 26:3]Alexander F. GelbukhArticle2000-09-01
Publications Received [COLI 26:3]Article2000-09-01
Erratum [JOCN 31:4]Article2000-09-01
Large Scale Neurocognitive Networks Underlying Episodic Memory [JOCN 12:1]Lars Nyberg, Jonas Persson, Reza Habib, Endel Tulving, Anthony R. McIntosh, Roberto Cabeza, Sylvain HouleArticle2000-01-01
Age Differences in the Frontal Lateralization of Verbal and Spatial Working Memo... [JOCN 12:1]Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, John Jonides, Edward E. Smith, Alan Hartley, Andrea Miller, Christina Marshuetz, Robert A. KoeppeArticle2000-01-01
Age Differences in Behavior and PET Activation Reveal Differences in Interferenc... [JOCN 12:1]John Jonides, Christina Marshuetz, Edward E. Smith, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Robert A. Koeppe, Alan HartleyArticle2000-01-01
Age-Related Differences in Neural Activity during Item and Temporal-Order Memory... [JOCN 12:1]Roberto Cabeza, Nicole D. Anderson, Sylvain Houle, Jennifer A. Mangels, Lars NybergArticle2000-01-01
A Crosslinguistic PET Study of Tone Perception [JOCN 12:1]Jack Gandour, Donald Wong, Li Hsieh, Bret Weinzapfel, Diana Van Lancker, Gary D. HutchinsArticle2000-01-01
A Twin MRI Study of Size Variations in the Human Brain [JOCN 12:1]Bruce F. Pennington, Pauline A. Filipek, Dianne Lefly, Nomita Chhabildas, David N. Kennedy, Jack H. Simon, Christopher M. Filley, Albert Galaburda, John C. DeFriesArticle2000-01-01
Functional Changes in Brain Activity During Priming in Alzheimer's Disease [JOCN 12:1]Lars Backman, Ove Almkvist, Lars Nyberg, Jesper AnderssonArticle2000-01-01
Contrasting Cortical and Subcortical Activations Produced by Attentional-Set Shi... [JOCN 12:1]R. D. Rogers, T. C. Andrews, P. M. Grasby, D. J. Brooks, T. W. RobbinsArticle2000-01-01
Preface [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Ursula Bellugi, Marie St. GeorgeArticle2000-03-01
I. The Neurocognitive Profile of Williams Syndrome: A Complex Pattern of Strengt... [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Ursula Bellugi, Liz Lichtenberger, Wendy Jones, Zona Lai, Marie St. GeorgeArticle2000-03-01
II. Hypersociability in Williams Syndrome [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Wendy Jones, Ursula Bellugi, Zona Lai, Michael Chiles, Judy Reilly, Alan Lincoln, Ralph AdolphsArticle2000-03-01
III. Electrophysiological Studies of Face Processing in Williams Syndrome [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Debra L. Mills, Twyla D. Alvarez, Marie St. George, Lawrence G. Appelbaum, Lawrence G. Appelbaum, Ursula Bellugi, Helen NevilleArticle2000-03-01
IV. Neuroanatomy of Williams Syndrome: A High-Resolution MRI Study [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Allan L. Reiss, Stephan Eliez, J. Eric Schmitt, Erica Straus, Zona Lai, Wendy Jones, Ursula BellugiArticle2000-03-01
V. Multi-Level Analysis of Cortical Neuroanatomy in Williams Syndrome [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Albert M. Galaburda, Ursula BellugiArticle2000-03-01
VI. Genome Structure and Cognitive Map of Williams Syndrome [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Julie R. Korenberg, Xiao-Ning Chen, Hamao Hirota, Zona Lai, Ursula Bellugi, Dennis Burian, Bruce Roe, Rumiko MatsuokaArticle2000-03-01
Color Vision and the Four-Color-Map Problem [JOCN 12:2]Dale Purves, Beau Lotto, Thomas PolgerArticle2000-03-01
Global Spectral and Location Effects in Auditory Perceptual Grouping [JOCN 12:2]Kevin N. O'Connor, Mitchell L. SutterArticle2000-03-01
Neuronal Activity in Early Visual Areas during Global and Local Processing: A Co... [JOCN 12:2]Gereon R. Fink, John C. Marshall, Peter W. Halligan, R. J. DolanArticle2000-03-01
Neural Activity in Early Visual Areas During Global and Local Processing: A Repl... [JOCN 12:2]G. R. Mangun, H. J. Heinze, M. Scholz, H. HinrichsArticle2000-03-01
Interview with Martha Farah [JOCN 12:2]Article2000-03-01
Incomplete Gustatory Lateralization as Shown by Analysis of Taste Discrimination... [JOCN 12:2]Salvatore Aglioti, Giancarlo Tassinari, Michael C. Corballis, Giovanni BerlucchiArticle2000-03-01
Visual Discrimination Task Improvement: A Multi-Step Process Occurring During Sl... [JOCN 12:2]Robert Stickgold, Dana Whidbee, Beth Schirmer, Vipul Patel, J. Allan HobsonArticle2000-03-01
Novel vs. Well-learned Memory for Faces: A Positron Emission Tomography Study [JOCN 12:2]Anne K. Wiser, Nancy C. Andreasen, Daniel S. O'Leary, Benedicto Crespo-Facorro, Laura L. Boles-Ponto, G. Leonard Watkins, Richard D. HichwaArticle2000-03-01
The Effect of Divided Attention on Encoding and Retrieval in Episodic Memory Rev... [JOCN 12:2]Tetsuya Iidaka, Nicole D. Anderson, Shitij Kapur, Roberto Cabez, Fergus I. M. CraikArticle2000-03-01
A Parametric Approach to Orthographic Processing in the Brain: An fMRI Study [JOCN 12:2]M. -A. Tagamets, Jared M. Novick, Maria L. Chalmers, Rhonda B. FriedmanArticle2000-03-01
Anterior Cingulate and the Monitoring of Response Conflict: Evidence from an fMR... [JOCN 12:2]Deanna M. Barch, Todd S. Braver, Fred W. Sabb, Douglas C. NollArticle2000-03-01
Motor Area Activity During Mental Rotation Studied by Time-Resolved Single-Trial... [JOCN 12:2]Wolfgang Richter, Ray Somorjai, Randy Summers, Mark Jarmasz, Ravi S. Menon, Joseph S. Gati, Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, Carola Tegeler, Kamil Ugurbil, Seong-Gi KimArticle2000-03-01
Common and Distinct Neural Substrates for Pragmatic, Semantic, and Syntactic Pro... [JOCN 12:2]G. R. Kuperberg, P. K. McGuire, E. T. Bullmore, M. J. Brammer, S. Rabe-Hesketh, I. C. Wright, D. J. Lythgoe, S. C. R. Williams, A. S. DavidArticle2000-03-01
Language Processing Modulated by Literacy: A Network Analysis of Verbal Repetiti... [JOCN 12:3]Karl Magnus Petersson, Alexandra Reis, Simon Askelöf, Alexander Castro-Caldas, Martin IngvarArticle2000-05-01
A Fronto-Posterior Network Involved in Visual Dimension Changes [JOCN 12:3]S. Pollmann, R. Weidner, H.J. Müller, D.Y. von CramonArticle2000-05-01
The Fusiform “Face Area” is Part of a Network that Processes Faces at the Indivi... [JOCN 12:3]Isabel Gauthier, Michael J. Tarr, Michael J. Tarr, Jill Moylan, Pawel Skudlarski, John C. Gore, Adam W. AndersonArticle2000-05-01
A Computational Model of Information Processing in the Frontal Cortex and Basal ... [JOCN 12:3]Andrew AmosArticle2000-05-01
Brain Indices of Music Processing: “Nonmusicians” are Musical [JOCN 12:3]Stefan Koelsch, Tomas Gunter, Angela D. Friederici, Angela D. Friederici, Erich SchrögerArticle2000-05-01
Object-Centered Visual Neglect, or Relative Egocentric Neglect? [JOCN 12:3]Jon Driver, Alex PougetArticle2000-05-01
Deficits in Visual Feature Binding Under Isoluminant Conditions [JOCN 12:3]Sidney R. LehkyArticle2000-05-01
The Influence of Stimulus Deviance on Electrophysiologic and Behavioral Response... [JOCN 12:3]Kirk R. Daffner, Leonard F.M. Scinto, Vivian Calvo, Robert Faust, M. Marsel Mesulam, W. Caroline West, Phillip J. HolcombArticle2000-05-01
Sex Steroids Modify Working Memory [JOCN 12:3]Jeri S. Janowsky, Bambi Chavez, Eric OrwollArticle2000-05-01
When Far Becomes Near: Remapping of Space by Tool Use [JOCN 12:3]Anna Berti, Francesca FrassinettiArticle2000-05-01
The Endogenous Modulation of IOR is Nasal-Temporal Asymmetric [JOCN 12:3]Andrea Berger, Avishai HenikArticle2000-05-01
A Model that Accounts for Activity Prior to Sensory Inputs and Responses During ... [JOCN 12:3]Sohie Lee Moody, Stephen P. WiseArticle2000-05-01
Cerebral Specialization for Speech and Non-Speech Stimuli in Infants [JOCN 12:3]G. Dehaene-LambertzArticle2000-05-01
Neuroanatomical Substrates of Arabic Number Processing, Numerical Comparison, an... [JOCN 12:3]Mauro Pesenti, Marc Thioux, Xavier Seron, Anne De VolderArticle2000-05-01
Neuromagnetic Correlates of Sensorimotor Synchronization [JOCN 12:4]Katharina Müller, Frank Schmitz, Alfons Schnitzler, Hans-Joachim Freund, Gisa Aschersleben, Wolfgang PrinzArticle2000-07-01