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Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning [NECO 26:7]Yun Shen, Michael J. Tobia, Tobias Sommer, Klaus ObermayerArticle2014-07-01
Universal Approximation Depth and Errors of Narrow Belief Networks with Discrete... [NECO 26:7]Guido F. MontúfarArticle2014-07-01
Motor Cortex Microcircuit Simulation Based on Brain Activity Mapping [NECO 26:7]George L. Chadderdon, Ashutosh Mohan, Benjamin A. Suter, Samuel A. Neymotin, Cliff C. Kerr, Joseph T. Francis, Gordon M. G. Shepherd, William W. Lytton, William W. LyttonArticle2014-07-01
Intrinsic Graph Structure Estimation Using Graph Laplacian [NECO 26:7]Atsushi Noda, Hideitsu Hino, Masami Tatsuno, Shotaro Akaho, Noboru MurataArticle2014-07-01
Multiple Tests Based on a Gaussian Approximation of the Unitary Events Method wi... [NECO 26:7]Christine Tuleau-Malot, Amel Rouis, Franck Grammont, Patricia Reynaud-BouretArticle2014-07-01
Spiking Neural P Systems with Thresholds [NECO 26:7]Xiangxiang Zeng, Xingyi Zhang, Tao Song, Linqiang PanArticle2014-07-01
Balanced Crossmodal Excitation and Inhibition Essential for Maximizing Multisens... [NECO 26:7]Osamu HoshinoArticle2014-07-01
On Criticality in High-Dimensional Data [NECO 26:7]Saeed Saremi, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle2014-07-01
White Noise Improves Learning by Modulating Activity in Dopaminergic Midbrain Re... [JOCN 26:7]Vanessa H. Rausch, Eva M. Bauch, Nico BunzeckArticle2014-07-01
Endogenous and Rapid Serial Visual Presentation-induced Alpha Band Oscillations ... [JOCN 26:7]Jolanda Janson, Maarten De Vos, Jeremy D. Thorne, Cornelia KrancziochArticle2014-07-01
Motor Intention Determines Sensory Attenuation of Brain Responses to Self-initia... [JOCN 26:7]Jana Timm, Iria SanMiguel, Julian Keil, Erich Schröger, Marc SchönwiesnerArticle2014-07-01
Quantitative Characterization of Functional Anatomical Contributions to Cognitiv... [JOCN 26:7]Jin Fan, Nicholas T. Van Dam, Xiaosi Gu, Xun Liu, Hongbin Wang, Cheuk Y. Tang, Patrick R. HofArticle2014-07-01
The Timing and Neuroanatomy of Conscious Vision as Revealed by TMS-induced Blind... [JOCN 26:7]Christopher P. G. Allen, Petroc Sumner, Christopher D. ChambersArticle2014-07-01
Action Sentences Activate Sensory Motor Regions in the Brain Independently of Th... [JOCN 26:7]Manuel de Vega, Inmaculada León, Juan A. Hernández, Mitchell Valdés, Iván Padrón, Evelyn C. FerstlArticle2014-07-01
Neural Correlates of Feedback Processing in Toddlers [JOCN 26:7]Marlene Meyer, Harold Bekkering, Denise J. C. Janssen, Ellen R. A. de Bruijn, Sabine HunniusArticle2014-07-01
Impact of Orbitofrontal Lesions on Electrophysiological Signals in a Stop Signal... [JOCN 26:7]Anne-Kristin Solbakk, Ingrid Funderud, Marianne Løvstad, Tor Endestad, Torstein Meling, Magnus Lindgren, Robert T. Knight, Ulrike M. Krämer, Ulrike M. KrämerArticle2014-07-01
Prior Expectations Evoke Stimulus Templates in the Primary Visual Cortex [JOCN 26:7]Peter Kok, Michel F. Failing, Floris P. de LangeArticle2014-07-01
Neural Systems Underlying the Reappraisal of Personally Craved Foods [JOCN 26:7]Nicole R. Giuliani, Traci Mann, A. Janet Tomiyama, Elliot T. BerkmanArticle2014-07-01
Automatic Bias of Temporal Expectations following Temporally Regular Input Indep... [JOCN 26:7]Assaf Breska, Leon Y. DeouellArticle2014-07-01
Different Neural Networks Are Involved in Audiovisual Speech Perception Dependin... [JOCN 26:7]Nicole Malfait, Pierre Fonlupt, Laurie Centelles, Bruno Nazarian, Liana E. Brown, Anne CaclinArticle2014-07-01
Modulating Brain Mechanisms Resolving Lexico-semantic Interference during Word P... [JOCN 26:7]Ilona Henseler, Andreas Mädebach, Sonja A. Kotz, Jörg D. Jescheniak, Jörg D. JescheniakArticle2014-07-01
Medial-lateral Organization of the Orbitofrontal Cortex [JOCN 26:7]Erin L. Rich, Jonathan D. WallisArticle2014-07-01
Bridging the Divide between Sensory Integration and Binding Theory: Using a Bind... [JOCN 26:7]Vincent A. Billock, Brian H. TsouArticle2014-07-01
Attention Biases Visual Activity in Visual Short-term Memory [JOCN 26:7]Bo-Cheng Kuo, Mark G. Stokes, Mark G. Stokes, Alexandra M. Murray, Anna Christina NobreArticle2014-07-01
Individual Differences in Crossmodal Brain Activity Predict Arcuate Fasciculus C... [JOCN 26:7]Margaret M. Gullick, James R. BoothArticle2014-07-01
A Functional Polymorphism of the MAOA Gene Is Associated with Neural Responses t... [JOCN 26:7]Thomas F. Denson, Carol Dobson-Stone, Richard Ronay, William von Hippel, Mark M. SchiraArticle2014-07-01
Idiosyncratic Grammars: Syntactic Processing in Second Language Comprehension Us... [JOCN 26:7]Kristin Lemhöfer, Herbert Schriefers, Peter IndefreyArticle2014-07-01
On the Utility of Positive and Negative Feedback in a Paired-associate Learning ... [JOCN 26:7]Yael Arbel, Anthony Murphy, Emanuel DonchinArticle2014-07-01
Task Partitioning in a Robot Swarm: Object Retrieval as a Sequence of Subtasks w... [ARTL 20:3]Giovanni Pini, Arne Brutschy, Alexander Scheidler, Marco Dorigo, Mauro BirattariArticle2014-07-01
Generation of Diversity in a Reaction-Diffusion-Based Controller [ARTL 20:3]Payam Zahadat, Thomas SchmicklArticle2014-07-01
Simulated Predator Attacks on Flocks: A Comparison of Tactics [ARTL 20:3]Jure Demšar, Iztok Lebar BajecArticle2014-07-01
Cracking the Egg: Virtual Embryogenesis of Real Robots [ARTL 20:3]Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, Article2014-07-01
Exploring the Effect of Power Law Social Popularity on Language Evolution [ARTL 20:3]Tao Gong, Lan ShuaiArticle2014-07-01
On Dependent Ergative Case (in Shipibo) and Its Derivation by Phase [LING 45:3]Mark C. BakerArticle2014-07-01
The Syntax of Monsters [LING 45:3]Kirill Shklovsky, Yasutada SudoArticle2014-07-01
Tense and Aspect in English Infinitives [LING 45:3]Susi WurmbrandArticle2014-07-01
Some Purported Problems for the Movement Theory of Control [LING 45:3]Alex Drummond, Norbert HornsteinArticle2014-07-01
Labeling by Minimal Search: Implications for Successive- Cyclic A-Movement and t... [LING 45:3]Samuel David Epstein, Hisatsugu Kitahara, T. Daniel SeelyArticle2014-07-01
The Distribution of the Hebrew Possessive Dative Construction: Guided by Unaccus... [LING 45:3]Roey J. GafterArticle2014-07-01
Nonlocal Trigger-Target Relations [LING 45:3]Rachel WalkerArticle2014-07-01
Authorship Attribution with Topic Models [COLI 40:2]Yanir Seroussi, Ingrid Zukerman, Fabian BohnertArticle2014-06-01
Unsupervised Event Coreference Resolution [COLI 40:2]Cosmin Adrian Bejan, Sanda HarabagiuArticle2014-06-01
Phrase Dependency Machine Translation with Quasi-Synchronous Tree-to-Tree Featur... [COLI 40:2]Kevin Gimpel, Noah A. SmithArticle2014-06-01
Practical Linguistic Steganography using Contextual Synonym Substitution and a N... [COLI 40:2]Ching-Yun Chang, Stephen ClarkArticle2014-06-01
Identification of Multiword Expressions by Combining Multiple Linguistic Informa... [COLI 40:2]Yulia Tsvetkov, Shuly WintnerArticle2014-06-01
A Survey of Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Classification [COLI 40:2]Khaled ShaalanArticle2014-06-01
Constrained Arc-Eager Dependency Parsing [COLI 40:2]Joakim Nivre, Yoav Goldberg, Ryan McDonaldArticle2014-06-01
Arc-Eager Parsing with the Tree Constraint [COLI 40:2]Joakim Nivre, Daniel Fernández-GonzálezArticle2014-06-01
Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining [COLI 40:2]Claire CardieArticle2014-06-01
Semantic Relations Between Nominals [COLI 40:2]Lucy VanderwendeArticle2014-06-01