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Learning Representations for Weakly Supervised Natural Language Processing Tasks [COLI 40:1]Fei Huang, Arun Ahuja, Doug Downey, Yi Yang, Yuhong Guo, Alexander YatesArticle2014-03-01
A Model for Analysing the Collective Dynamic Behaviour and Characterising the Ex... [EVCO 22:1]Mikdam Turkey, Riccardo PoliArticle2014-03-01
Sampling Tree Fragments from Forests [COLI 40:1]Tagyoung Chung, Licheng Fang, Daniel Gildea, Daniel ŠtefankovičArticle2014-03-01
Arabic Dialect Identification [COLI 40:1]Omar F. Zaidan, Chris Callison-BurchArticle2014-03-01
Random Walks for Knowledge-Based Word Sense Disambiguation [COLI 40:1]Eneko Agirre, Oier López de Lacalle, Aitor SoroaArticle2014-03-01
A Survey and Classification of Controlled Natural Languages [COLI 40:1]Tobias KuhnArticle2014-03-01
Isolating the Neural Mechanisms of Interference during Continuous Multisensory D... [JOCN 26:3]Ryan W. Kasper, Hubert Cecotti, Jon Touryan, Miguel P. Eckstein, Barry GiesbrechtArticle2014-03-01
“Change Deafness” Arising from Inter-feature Masking within a Single Auditory Ob... [JOCN 26:3]Nicolas Barascud, Timothy D. Griffiths, David McAlpine, Maria ChaitArticle2014-03-01
A Dorsal Visual Route Necessary for Global Form Perception: Evidence from Neurop... [JOCN 26:3]Vaia Lestou, Judith Mi Lin Lam, Katie Humphreys, Zoe Kourtzi, Glyn W. HumphreysArticle2014-03-01
Attention to Detail: Why Considering Task Demands Is Essential for Single-Trial ... [JOCN 26:3]Tracy Warbrick, Jorge Arrubla, Franks Boers, Irene Neuner, N. Jon ShahArticle2014-03-01
Effects of Literacy in Early Visual and Occipitotemporal Areas of Chinese and Fr... [JOCN 26:3]Marcin Szwed, Emilie Qiao, Antoinette Jobert, Stanislas Dehaene, Laurent CohenArticle2014-03-01
The Subthalamic Nucleus Influences Visuospatial Attention in Humans [JOCN 26:3]Barbara Schmalbach, Veronika Günther, Jan Raethjen, Stefanie Wailke, Daniela Falk, Günther Deuschl, Karsten WittArticle2014-03-01
Dopamine Function and the Efficiency of Human Movement [JOCN 26:3]Sergei Gepshtein, Xiaoyan Li, Joseph Snider, Markus Plank, Dongpyo Lee, Howard PoiznerArticle2014-03-01
Domain-general Signals in the Cingulo-opercular Network for Visuospatial Attenti... [JOCN 26:3]Carlo Sestieri, Maurizio Corbetta, Sara Spadone, Gian Luca Romani, Gordon L. ShulmanArticle2014-03-01
Clutter Modulates the Representation of Target Objects in the Human Occipitotemp... [JOCN 26:3]Yaara Erez, Galit YovelArticle2014-03-01
Discriminating Taxonomic Categories and Domains in Mental Simulations of Concept... [JOCN 26:3]Andrew J. Anderson, Brian Murphy, Massimo PoesioArticle2014-03-01
How We Learn to Make Decisions: Rapid Propagation of Reinforcement Learning Pred... [JOCN 26:3]Olav E. Krigolson, Cameron D. Hassall, Todd C. HandyArticle2014-03-01
Metrical Rhythm Implicitly Orients Attention in Time as Indexed by Improved Targ... [JOCN 26:3]Deirdre Bolger, Jennifer T. Coull, Daniele SchönArticle2014-03-01
Spontaneous Mentalizing Predicts the Fundamental Attribution Error [JOCN 26:3]Joseph M. Moran, Eshin Jolly, Jason P. MitchellArticle2014-03-01
Audiovisual Speech Integration Does Not Rely on the Motor System: Evidence from ... [JOCN 26:3]William Matchin, Kier Groulx, Gregory HickokArticle2014-03-01
Frontal Theta Oscillatory Activity Is a Common Mechanism for the Computation of ... [JOCN 26:3]Ernest Mas-Herrero, Josep Marco-PallarésArticle2014-03-01
Selective Development of Anticorrelated Networks in the Intrinsic Functional Org... [JOCN 26:3]Xiaoqian J. Chai, Noa Ofen, John D. E. Gabrieli, Susan Whitfield-GabrieliArticle2014-03-01
N-methyl-d-aspartate Receptor Antagonist Ketamine Impairs Action-monitoring Acti... [JOCN 26:3]Kevin Skoblenick, Stefan EverlingArticle2014-03-01
A Parallel Dual Matrix Method for Blind Signal Separation [NECO 26:3]T. J. Zeng, Q. Y. FengArticle2014-03-01
Robust Subspace Discovery via Relaxed Rank Minimization [NECO 26:3]Xinggang Wang, Zhengdong Zhang, Yi Ma, Xiang Bai, Wenyu Liu, Zhuowen TuArticle2014-03-01
Guaranteed Classification via Regularized Similarity Learning [NECO 26:3]Zheng-Chu Guo, Yiming YingArticle2014-03-01
Noise-Robust Speech Recognition Through Auditory Feature Detection and Spike Seq... [NECO 26:3]Phillip B. Schafer, Dezhe Z. JinArticle2014-03-01
Feature Selection for Ordinal Text Classification [NECO 26:3]Stefano Baccianella, Andrea Esuli, Fabrizio SebastianiArticle2014-03-01
Dopamine Ramps Are a Consequence of Reward Prediction Errors [NECO 26:3]Samuel J. GershmanArticle2014-03-01
Approximate, Computationally Efficient Online Learning in Bayesian Spiking Neuro... [NECO 26:3]Levin Kuhlmann, Michael Hauser-Raspe, Jonathan H. Manton, David B. Grayden, Jonathan Tapson, André van SchaikArticle2014-03-01
Not Lost in Translation: Generalization of the Primary Systems Hypothesis to Jap... [JOCN 26:2]Taiji Ueno, Satoru Saito, Akie Saito, Yuki Tanida, Karalyn Patterson, Matthew A. Lambon Ralph, Matthew A. Lambon RalphArticle2014-02-01
Unconscious Automatic Brain Activation of Acoustic and Action-related Conceptual... [JOCN 26:2]Natalie M. Trumpp, Felix Traub, Friedemann Pulvermüller, Markus KieferArticle2014-02-01
Time Course of Shape and Category Selectivity Revealed by EEG Rapid Adaptation [JOCN 26:2]Clara A. Scholl, Xiong Jiang, Jacob G. Martin, Maximilian RiesenhuberArticle2014-02-01
Veto and Vacillation: A Neural Precursor of the Decision to Withhold Action [JOCN 26:2]Erman Misirlisoy, Patrick HaggardArticle2014-02-01
Task- and Experience-dependent Cortical Selectivity to Features Informative for ... [JOCN 26:2]Marieke van der Linden, Joost Wegman, Guillén FernándezArticle2014-02-01
Trade-off between Capacity and Precision in Visuospatial Working Memory [JOCN 26:2]Chantal Roggeman, Torkel Klingberg, Heleen E. M. Feenstra, Albert Compte, Rita AlmeidaArticle2014-02-01
Recurrent Processing Enhances Visual Awareness but Is Not Necessary for Fast Cat... [JOCN 26:2]Mika Koivisto, Granit Kastrati, Antti RevonsuoArticle2014-02-01
Embodied Comprehension of Stories: Interactions between Language Regions and Mod... [JOCN 26:2]Ho Ming Chow, Raymond A. Mar, Yisheng Xu, Siyuan Liu, Suraji Wagage, Allen R. BraunArticle2014-02-01
Neural Network Configuration and Efficiency Underlies Individual Differences in ... [JOCN 26:2]Aiden E. G. F. Arnold, Andrea B. Protzner, Signe Bray, Richard M. Levy, Giuseppe IariaArticle2014-02-01
Generic Inhibition of the Selected Movement and Constrained Inhibition of Nonsel... [JOCN 26:2]Ludovica Labruna, Florent Lebon, Julie Duque, Pierre-Alexandre Klein, Christian Cazares, Richard B. Ivry, Richard B. IvryArticle2014-02-01
Dynamic Parieto-premotor Network for Mental Image Transformation Revealed by Sim... [JOCN 26:2]Takafumi Sasaoka, Hiroaki Mizuhara, Toshio InuiArticle2014-02-01
Direct Control of Visual Perception with Phase-specific Modulation of Posterior ... [JOCN 26:2]Andrew Jaegle, Tony RoArticle2014-02-01
Influencing Food Choices by Training: Evidence for Modulation of Frontoparietal ... [JOCN 26:2]Tom Schonberg, Akram Bakkour, Ashleigh M. Hover, Jeanette A. Mumford, Russell A. PoldrackArticle2014-02-01
Integrating the Behavioral and Neural Dynamics of Response Selection in a Dual-t... [JOCN 26:2]Aaron T. Buss, Tim Wifall, Eliot Hazeltine, John P. SpencerArticle2014-02-01
Opposing Dorsal/Ventral Stream Dynamics during Figure-ground Segregation [JOCN 26:2]Martijn E. Wokke, H. Steven Scholte, Victor A. F. LammeArticle2014-02-01
Dorsolateral pFC and the Representation of the Incorrect Use of an Object: The T... [JOCN 26:2]Michela Balconi, Silvia VitaloniArticle2014-02-01
Genetic Polymorphisms Regulating Dopamine Signaling in the Frontal Cortex Intera... [JOCN 26:2]Christopher T. Smith, Theresa Swift-Scanlan, Charlotte A. BoettigerArticle2014-02-01
Functional Identification of Spike-Processing Neural Circuits [NECO 26:2]Aurel A. Lazar, Yevgeniy B. SlutskiyArticle2014-02-01
Robust Common Spatial Filters with a Maxmin Approach [NECO 26:2]Motoaki Kawanabe, Wojciech Samek, Klaus-Robert Müller, Carmen VidaurreArticle2014-02-01
A New Class of Metrics for Spike Trains [NECO 26:2]Cătălin V. Rusu, Răzvan V. FlorianArticle2014-02-01