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Cognitive PragmaticsBruno G. BaraBook2010-08-13
Perception beyond InferenceLiliana Albertazzi, Gert J. van Tonder, Dhanraj VishwanathBook2011-04-04
Cognitive Neuropsychiatry of Parkinson's Disease, ThePatrick McNamaraBook2011-10-20
Effortless AttentionBrian BruyaBook2010-07-30
EnactionJohn Stewart, Olivier Gapenne, Ezequiel A. Di PaoloBook2011-01-21
Bilingual Competence and Bilingual Proficiency in Child DevelopmentNorbert FrancisBook2011-12-30
Evolved Apprentice, TheKim SterelnyBook2012-02-15
Dream LifeJ. Allan HobsonBook2011-04-01
Biological Learning and ControlReza Shadmehr, Sandro Mussa-IvaldiBook2012-03-15
Addiction and ResponsibilityJeffrey Poland, George GrahamBook2011-06-01
Wonder of Consciousness, TheHarold LangsamBook2011-09-16
Nurturing the Older Brain and MindPamela M. Greenwood, Raja ParasuramanBook2012-03-15
Statistical Analysis of fMRI DataF. Gregory AshbyBook2011-04-15
Neural Basis of Motivational and Cognitive ControlRogier B. Mars, Jérôme Sallet, Matthew F. S. Rushworth, Nick YeungBook2012-01-02
Laws, Mind, and Free WillSteven HorstBook2011-04-21
Infectious BehaviorPaul H. PattersonBook2011-10-14
Action, Ethics, and ResponsibilityJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Harry S. SilversteinBook2010-11-30
Joint AttentionAxel SeemannBook2012-02-29
Concepts and Fuzzy LogicRadim Belohlavek, George J. KlirBook2011-11-04
Consciousness Paradox, TheRocco J. GennaroBook2011-12-19
Re-EmergenceGerald VisionBook2011-09-01
Wittgenstein in ExileJames C. KlaggeBook2011-02-01
Dialogues with DavidsonJeff MalpasBook2011-08-05
Meditating SelflesslyJames H. AustinBook2011-10-31
Blind VisionZaira Cattaneo, Tomaso VecchiBook2011-04-29
EmpathyJean DecetyBook2012-01-02
Language of Thought, TheSusan SchneiderBook2011-06-30
Processing and Acquisition of Reference, TheEdward A. Gibson, Neal J. PearlmutterBook2011-04-01
Mind and BrainWilliam R. UttalBook2011-10-03
Like-MindedAndrew SneddonBook2011-09-23
Plato's CameraPaul M. ChurchlandBook2012-03-26
Against Moral ResponsibilityBruce N. WallerBook2011-11-30
Neural Architecture of Grammar, TheStephen E. NadeauBook2012-02-29
Individual and Collective Memory ConsolidationThomas J. Anastasio, Kristen Ann Ehrenberger, Patrick Watson, Wenyi ZhangBook2012-04-16
Open MindsWolfgang PrinzBook2012-04-16
Democracy Despite ItselfDanny Oppenheimer, Mike EdwardsBook2012-02-15
Cognitive Science of Science, ThePaul ThagardBook2012-05-31
ConsciousnessChristof KochBook2012-04-16
About TimeWilliam FriedmanBook1990-09-01
Acoustic PhoneticsKenneth N. StevensBook1999-01-08
Acquisition of the Lexicon, TheLila Gleitman, Barbara LandauBook1994-10-13
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial SystemsJohn H. HollandBook1992-04-29
Advances in Genetic Programming, Volume 3Lee Spector, William B. Langdon, Una-May O'Reilly, Peter J. AngelineBook1999-07-16
Advances in the Evolutionary Synthesis of Intelligent AgentsMukesh Patel, Vasant Honavar, Karthik BalakrishnanBook2001-03-05
Advances in Kernel MethodsChristopher J.C. Burges, Bernhard Schölkopf, Alexander J. SmolaBook1998-12-17
Advice for a Young InvestigatorSantiago Ramón y CajalBook2004-04-01
AgeismTodd D. NelsonBook2004-09-01
Algebraic Mind, TheGary F. MarcusBook2003-03-01
Odyssey in Learning and Perception, AnEleanor J. GibsonBook1994-02-03
Analogical Mind, TheDedre Gentner, Keith J. Holyoak, Boicho N. KokinovBook2001-02-19