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Learnability in Optimality Theory [LING 29:2]Bruce Tesar, Paul SmolenskyArticle1998-04-01
The Emptiness of the Lexicon: Reflections on James Pustejovsky's The Generative ... [LING 29:2]Jerry A. Fodor, Ernie LeporeArticle1998-04-01
Generativity and Explanation in Semantics: A Reply to Fodor and Lepore [LING 29:2]James PustejovskyArticle1998-04-01
Children's Passive: A View from the By-Phrase [LING 29:2]Danny Fox, Yosef GrodzinskyArticle1998-04-01
Concessive Expressions and Complementizer Selection [LING 29:2]Heizo NakajimaArticle1998-04-01
Scrambling and Last Resort [LING 29:3]Željko Bošković, Daiko TakahashiArticle1998-07-01
Projection and Phrase Structure [LING 29:3]Michael BrodyArticle1998-07-01
Impersonal se Constructions in Romance and the Passivization of Unergatives [LING 29:3]Carmen Dobrovie-SorinArticle1998-07-01
Order in Phrase Structure and Movement [LING 29:3]Mamoru Saito, Naoki FukuiArticle1998-07-01
Alignment in Manam Stress [LING 29:3]Eugene BuckleyArticle1998-07-01
The Laryngeal Specifications of Fricatives [LING 29:3]Bert VauxArticle1998-07-01
A Nonargument for Small Clauses as Constituents [LING 29:3]Mark R. BaltinArticle1998-07-01
A-Templatic Reduplication [LING 29:3]Diamandis GafosArticle1998-07-01
On the Placement of Serbo-Croatian Clitics: Evidence from VP-Ellipsis [LING 29:3]Sandra StjepanovićArticle1998-07-01
The Stress of English Words 1968–1998 [LING 29:4]Morris HalleArticle1998-10-01
Minimality, Reconstruction, and PF Movement [LING 29:4]Joseph Aoun, Elabbas BenmamounArticle1998-10-01
The Principle of Minimal Compliance [LING 29:4]Norvin RichardsArticle1998-10-01
Verb Movement in Embedded Clauses in West Flemish [LING 29:4]Liliane HaegemanArticle1998-10-01
Formal and Empirical Arguments Concerning Phonological Acquisition [LING 29:4]Mark Hale, Charles ReissArticle1998-10-01
Epithets as Antilogophoric Pronouns [LING 29:4]Stanley Dubinsky, Robert HamiltonArticle1998-10-01
Against Bans on Lowering [LING 35:3]Norvin RichardsArticle2004-07-01
The Genesis of Negative Concord: Syntax and Morphology of Negative Doubling [LING 35:4]Akira WatanabeArticle2004-10-01
Which Wič Is Which? Prefixing and Suffixing in Klamath Full-Root Reduplication [LING 35:4]Michael R. Marlo, Nicholas J. PharrisArticle2004-10-01
Topicalization, Focalization, Lexical Insertion, and Scrambling [LING 35:4]Željko BoškovićArticle2004-10-01
Clitic Positions and Restructuring in Italian [LING 35:4]Anna Cardinaletti, Ur ShlonskyArticle2004-10-01
Multiple Nominative Constructions in Japanese and Economy [LING 35:4]Masahiro AkiyamaArticle2004-10-01
Derivation in Optimality Theory: A Reply to Burzio [LING 35:4]Jerzy RubachArticle2004-10-01
Stress-by-Structure in Spanish [LING 36:1]Isabel Oltra-Massuet, Karlos ArregiArticle2005-01-01
The Temperature Paradox as Evidence for a Presuppositional Analysis of Definite ... [LING 36:1]Peter LasersohnArticle2005-01-01
Three Factors in Language Design [LING 36:1]Noam ChomskyArticle2005-01-01
When Movement Must Be Blocked: A Reply to Embick and Noyer [LING 36:1]Jorge Hankamer, Line MikkelsenArticle2005-01-01
Palatalization/Velar Softening: What It Is and What It Tells Us about the Nature... [LING 36:1]Morris HalleArticle2005-01-01
DP is Not a Scope Island [LING 36:2]Uli SauerlandArticle2005-04-01
Category Preservation and Proximity versus Phonetic Approximation in Loanword Ad... [LING 36:2]Darlene LaCharité, Carole ParadisArticle2005-04-01
Does Wh-in-Situ License Parasitic Gaps? [LING 36:2]Jonah LinArticle2005-04-01
Bound to Bind [LING 36:2]Daniel BüringArticle2005-04-01
Overwriting Does Not Optimize in Nonconcatenative Morphology [LING 36:2]Andrew Ira NevinsArticle2005-04-01
A Smuggling Approach to Raising in English [LING 36:2]Chris CollinsArticle2005-04-01
Unexpected Plural Inflections in Spanish: Reduplication and Metathesis [LING 36:2]James Harris, Morris HalleArticle2005-04-01
Merge and Move: Wh-Dependencies Revisited [LING 36:2]David Adger, Gillian RamchandArticle2005-04-01
The Lexicon-Syntax Parameter: Reflexivization and Other Arity Operations [LING 36:3]Tanya Reinhart, Tal SiloniArticle2005-07-01
Tree Traversal and Word Order [LING 36:3]Murat KuralArticle2005-07-01
On the Acquisition of Principle B [LING 36:3]Paul ElbourneArticle2005-07-01
Deriving Greenberg's Universal 20 and Its Exceptions [LING 36:3]Guglielmo CinqueArticle2005-07-01
A Gap in the ECM Paradigm [LING 36:3]Cedric Boeckx, Norbert HornsteinArticle2005-07-01
A Note on Number [LING 36:3]Elizabeth CowperArticle2005-07-01
The Structure of Children's Linguistic Knowledge [LING 36:3]Andrea Gualmini, Stephen CrainArticle2005-07-01
Relativization, Ergativity, and Corpus Frequency [LING 36:3]Peter C. Gordon, Randall HendrickArticle2005-07-01
Introduction to the Special Issue on Finite-State Methods in NLP [COLI 26:1]Lauri Karttunen, Kemal OflazerArticle2000-03-01
Incremental Construction of Minimal Acyclic Finite-State Automata [COLI 26:1]Jan Daciuk, Stoyan Mihov, Bruce W. Watson, Richard E. WatsonArticle2000-03-01