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Nonconvergence in Logistic and Poisson Models for Neural Spiking [NECO 22:5]Mengyuan Zhao, Satish IyengarArticle2010-05-01
Norm-Observable Operator Models [NECO 22:7]Ming-Jie Zhao, Herbert JaegerArticle2010-07-01
Efficient Sample Reuse in Policy Gradients with Parameter-Based Exploration [NECO 25:6]Tingting Zhao, Hirotaka Hachiya, Voot Tangkaratt, Jun Morimoto, Masashi SugiyamaArticle2013-06-01
Fine Neural Tuning for Orthographic Properties of Words Emerges Early in Childre... [JOCN 26:11]Jing Zhao, Kerstin Kipp, Carl Gaspar, Urs Maurer, Xuchu Weng, Axel Mecklinger, Su LiArticle2014-11-01
FastMMD: Ensemble of Circular Discrepancy for Efficient Two-Sample Test [NECO 27:6]Ji Zhao, Deyu MengArticle
Extended Gaussianization Method for Blind Separation of Post-Nonlinear Mixtures [NECO 17:2]Kun Zhang, Lai-Wan ChanArticle2005-02-01
Learning Bounds for Kernel Regression Using Effective Data Dimensionality [NECO 17:9]Tong ZhangArticle2005-09-01
Divergence Function, Duality, and Convex Analysis [NECO 16:1]Jun ZhangArticle2004-01-01
Approximation Bounds for Some Sparse Kernel Regression Algorithms [NECO 14:12]Tong ZhangArticle2002-12-01
Leave-One-Out Bounds for Kernel Methods [NECO 15:6]Tong ZhangArticle2003-06-01
Response Properties of an Integrate-and-Fire Model That Receives Subthreshold In... [NECO 17:12]Xuedong Zhang, Laurel H. CarneyArticle2005-12-01
An Adaptive Method for Subband Decomposition ICA [NECO 18:1]Kun Zhang, Lai-Wan ChanArticle2006-01-01
Neuronal Tuning: To Sharpen or Broaden? [NECO 11:1]Kechen Zhang, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle1999-01-01
Embryonics: A Path to Artificial Life? [ARTL 12:3]Xuegong Zhang, Gabriel Dragffy, Anthony G. PipeArticle2006-07-01
Introduction to Chinese Natural Language Processing [COLI 36:4]Min ZhangArticle2010-12-01
Syntactic Processing Using the Generalized Perceptron and Beam Search [COLI 37:1]Yue Zhang, Stephen ClarkArticle2011-03-01
A Generic Multi-dimensional Feature Extraction Method Using Multiobjective Genet... [EVCO 17:1]Yang Zhang, Peter I. RockettArticle2009-03-01
Evolutionary Induction of Sparse Neural Trees [EVCO 5:2]Byoung-Tak Zhang, Peter Ohm, Heinz MühlenbeinArticle1997-06-01
Balancing Accuracy and Parsimony in Genetic Programming [EVCO 3:1]Byoung-Tak Zhang, Heinz MühlenbeinArticle1995-03-01
Prestimulus Cortical Activity is Correlated with Speed of Visuomotor Processing [JOCN 20:10]Yan Zhang, Xue Wang, Steven L. Bressler, Yonghong Chen, Mingzhou DingArticle2008-10-01
Detection of a Weak Somatosensory Stimulus: Role of the Prestimulus Mu Rhythm an... [JOCN 22:2]Yan Zhang, Mingzhou DingArticle2010-02-01
Dynamics and Formation of Self-Organizing Maps [NECO 3:1]Jun ZhangArticle1991-03-01
Emergence of Position-Independent Detectors of Sense of Rotation and Dilation wi... [NECO 5:4]Kechen Zhang, Martin I. Sereno, Margaret E. SerenoArticle1993-07-01
3D Periodic Human Motion Reconstruction from 2D Motion Sequences [NECO 19:5]Zonghua Zhang, Nikolaus F. TrojeArticle2007-05-01
3D Axon Structure Extraction and Analysis in Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Im... [NECO 20:8]Yong Zhang, Xiaobo Zhou, Ju Lu, Jeff Lichtman, Donald Adjeroh, Stephen T. C. WongArticle2008-08-01
Optimal Decision Making on the Basis of Evidence Represented in Spike Trains [NECO 22:5]Jiaxiang Zhang, Rafal BogaczArticle2010-05-01
Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Neuronal Inputs from an Interspike Interval Distr... [NECO 21:11]Xuejuan Zhang, Gongqiang You, Tianping Chen, Jianfeng FengArticle2009-11-01
Density-Weighted Nyström Method for Computing Large Kernel Eigensystems [NECO 21:1]Kai Zhang, James T. KwokArticle2009-01-01
Entropy Estimation in Turing's Perspective [NECO 24:5]Zhiyi ZhangArticle2012-05-01
Neural Information Processing with Feedback Modulations [NECO 24:7]Wenhao Zhang, Si WuArticle2012-07-01
Linear Coordinate-Descent Message Passing for Quadratic Optimization [NECO 24:12]Guoqiang Zhang, Richard HeusdensArticle2012-12-01
Semistability of Steepest Descent with Momentum for Quadratic Functions [NECO 25:5]Naimin ZhangArticle2013-05-01
On Some Classes of Sequential Spiking Neural P Systems [NECO 26:5]Xingyi Zhang, Xiangxiang Zeng, Bin Luo, Linqiang PanArticle2014-05-01
How to Compress Sequential Memory Patterns into Periodic Oscillations: General R... [NECO 26:8]Kechen ZhangArticle2014-08-01
Nonparametric Estimation of Küllback-Leibler Divergence [NECO 26:11]Zhiyi Zhang, Michael GrabchakArticle2014-11-01
Spiking Neural P Systems with a Generalized Use of Rules [NECO 26:12]Xingyi Zhang, Bangju Wang, Linqiang PanArticle
A Study on the Optimal Double Parameters for Steepest Descent with Momentum [NECO 27:4]Naimin ZhangArticle
Discriminative Syntax-Based Word Ordering for Text Generation [COLI 41:3]Yue Zhang, Stephen ClarkArticle
Relations Among Some Low-Rank Subspace Recovery Models [NECO 27:9]Hongyang Zhang, Zhouchen Lin, Chao Zhang, Junbin GaoArticle
Bandit-Based Task Assignment for Heterogeneous Crowdsourcing [NECO 27:11]Hao Zhang, Yao Ma, Masashi SugiyamaArticle
LSV-Based Tail Inequalities for Sums of Random Matrices [NECO 29:1]Chao Zhang, Lei Du, Dacheng TaoArticle
Neural Models of Text Normalization for Speech Applications [COLI 45:2]Hao Zhang, Richard Sproat, Axel H. Ng, Felix Stahlberg, Xiaochang Peng, Kyle Gorman, Brian RoarkArticle
Salience Representation in the Parietal and Frontal Cortex [JOCN 22:5]Alexandre Zenon, Nabil Filali, Jean-René Duhamel, Etienne OlivierArticle2010-05-01
Genetic Exchange Leading to Self-Assembling RNA Species upon Encapsulation in Ar... [ARTL 13:3]Sergio-Francis M. Zenisek, Eric J. Hayden, Niles LehmanArticle2007-07-01
A Quantified Sensitivity Measure for Multilayer Perceptron to Input Perturbation [NECO 15:1]Xiaoqin Zeng, Daniel S. YeungArticle2003-01-01
An Orthogonal Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimiz... [EVCO 12:1]Sanyou Y. Zeng, Lishan S. Kang, Lixin X. DingArticle2004-01-01
Learning Finite State Machines With Self-Clustering Recurrent Networks [NECO 5:6]Zheng Zeng, Rodney M. Goodman, Padhraic SmythArticle1993-11-01
Multiperiodicity and Exponential Attractivity Evoked by Periodic External Inputs... [NECO 18:4]Zhigang Zeng, Jun WangArticle2006-04-01
Analysis and Design of Associative Memories Based on Recurrent Neural Networks w... [NECO 19:8]Zhigang Zeng, Jun WangArticle2007-08-01
A Parallel Dual Matrix Method for Blind Signal Separation [NECO 26:3]T. J. Zeng, Q. Y. FengArticle2014-03-01