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Writing's Shadow: Corticospinal Activation during Letter Observation [JOCN 24:5]Masahiro Nakatsuka, Mohamed Nasreldin Thabit, Satoko Koganemaru, Ippei Nojima, Hidenao Fukuyama, Tatsuya MimaArticle2012-05-01
A Would-Be Nervous System Made from a Slime Mold [ARTL 21:1]Andrew AdamatzkyArticle
World-Size Global Markets Lead to Economic Instability [ARTL 9:4]Yoram Louzoun, Sorin Solomon, Jacob Goldenberg, David MazurskyArticle2003-10-01
Working MinimalismSamuel David Epstein, Norbert HornsteinBook1999-11-12
Working MindsBeth Crandall, Gary Klein, Robert R. HoffmanBook2006-07-07
Working MindJuan Pascual-Leone, Janice M. JohnsonBook2021-04-13
Working Memory: The Interface between Memory and Cognition [JOCN 4:3]Alan BaddeleyArticle1992-07-01
Working Memory Swap Errors Have Identifiable Neural Representations [JOCN 34:5]Remington Mallett, Elizabeth S. Lorenc, Jarrod A. Lewis-PeacockArticle
Working Memory Retrieval: Contributions of the Left Prefrontal Cortex, the Left ... [JOCN 21:3]Ilke Öztekin, Brian McElree, Bernhard P. Staresina, Lila DavachiArticle2009-03-01
Working Memory Processes Are Mediated by Local and Long-range Synchronization of... [JOCN 25:8]Maite Crespo-Garcia, Diego Pinal, Jose L. Cantero, Fernando Díaz, Montserrat Zurrón, Mercedes AtienzaArticle2013-08-01
Working Memory Networks for Learning Temporal Order with Application to Three-Di... [NECO 4:2]Gary Bradski, Gail A. Carpenter, Stephen GrossbergArticle1992-03-01
Working Memory Maintenance Contributes to Long-term Memory Formation: Neural and... [JOCN 17:7]Charan Ranganath, Michael X. Cohen, Craig J. BrozinskyArticle2005-07-01
Working Memory Load-related Theta Power Decreases in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cor... [JOCN 31:9]Aneta Brzezicka, Jan Kamiński, Chrystal M. Reed, Jeffrey M. Chung, Adam N. Mamelak, Ueli RutishauserArticle
Working Memory Load for Faces Modulates P300, N170, and N250r [JOCN 20:6]Helen M. Morgan, Christoph Klein, Stephan G. Boehm, Kimron L. Shapiro, David E. J. LindenArticle2008-06-01
Working Memory in Unilateral Spatial Neglect: Evidence for Impaired Binding of O... [JOCN 33:1]Haggar Cohen-Dallal, Nachum Soroker, Yoni PertzovArticle
Working Memory for Complex Scenes: Age Differences in Frontal and Hippocampal Ac... [JOCN 15:8]Denise C. Park, Robert C. Welsh, Christy Marshuetz, Angela H. Gutchess, Joseph Mikels, Thad A. Polk, Douglas C. Noll, Stephan F. TaylorArticle2003-11-01
Working Memory Encoding Delays Top–Down Attention to Visual Cortex [JOCN 23:9]Paige E. Scalf, Paul E. Dux, René MaroisArticle2011-09-01
Working Memory Delay Activity Predicts Individual Differences in Cognitive Abili... [JOCN 27:5]Nash Unsworth, Keisuke Fukuda, Edward Awh, Edward K. VogelArticle
Working Memory Capacity Is Negatively Associated with Memory Load Modulation of ... [JOCN 31:12]Zhenhong Hu, Christopher M. Barkley, Susan E. Marino, Chao Wang, Abhijit Rajan, Ke Bo, Immanuel Babu Henry Samuel, Mingzhou DingArticle
Working Memory Capacity and Visual–Verbal Cognitive Load Modulate Auditory–Senso... [JOCN 24:11]Patrik Sörqvist, Stefan Stenfelt, Jerker RönnbergArticle2012-11-01
Working Memory and the Suppression of Reflexive Saccades [JOCN 14:1]Jason P. Mitchell, C. Neil Macrae, Iain D. GilchristArticle2002-01-01
Working Memory and the Hippocampus [JOCN 23:12]Alan Baddeley, Christopher Jarrold, Faraneh Vargha-KhademArticle2011-12-01
Working Memory and Reasoning Benefit from Different Modes of Large-scale Brain D... [JOCN 30:7]Alexander V. Lebedev, Jonna Nilsson, Martin LövdénArticle
Working Memory and Lexical Ambiguity Resolution as Revealed by ERPs: A Difficult... [JOCN 15:5]Thomas C. Gunter, Susanne Wagner, Angela D. Friederici, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2003-05-01
Words, Thoughts, and TheoriesAlison Gopnik, Andrew N. MeltzoffBook1998-07-31
Words without Mind [JOCN 11:6]Nicholas Schiff, Urs Ribary, Fred Plum, Rodolfo LlinásArticle1999-11-01
Word-Order Based Grammar [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
WordNet Nouns: Classes and Instances [COLI 32:1]George A. Miller, Florentina HristeaArticle2006-03-01
Word-Level Confidence Estimation for Machine Translation [COLI 33:1]Nicola Ueffing, Hermann NeyArticle2007-03-01
Word, Pseudoword, and Nonword Processing: A Multitask Comparison Using Event-Rel... [JOCN 9:6]Johannes C. Ziegler, Mireille Besson, Arthur M. Jacobs, Tatjana A. Nazir, Thomas H. CarrArticle1997-11-01
Word Translation Disambiguation Using Bilingual Bootstrapping [COLI 30:1]Hang Li, Cong LiArticle2004-03-01
The Word Status of Japanese Adjectives [LING 33:2]Kenichi NamaiArticle2002-04-01
Word Sense Disambiguation: The Case for Combinations of Knowledge Sources [COLI 30:2]Susan McRoyArticle2004-06-01
Word Sense Disambiguation: Algorithms and Applications [COLI 33:2]Diana McCarthyArticle2007-06-01
Word Sense Clustering and Clusterability [COLI 42:2]Diana McCarthy, Marianna Apidianaki, Katrin ErkArticle
Word Semantics Is Processed Even without Attentional Effort [JOCN 21:8]Kristiina Relander, Pia Rämä, Teija KujalaArticle2009-08-01
Word Segmentation, Unknown-word Resolution, and Morphological Agreement in a Heb... [COLI 39:1]Yoav Goldberg, Michael ElhadadArticle
Word Retrieval Failures in Old Age: The Relationship between Structure and Funct... [JOCN 22:7]Meredith A. Shafto, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Phyllis P. Tam, L. K. TylerArticle2010-07-01
Word Reordering and a Dynamic Programming Beam Search Algorithm for Statistical ... [COLI 29:1]Christoph Tillmann, Hermann NeyArticle2003-03-01
The Word Processing Deficit in Semantic Dementia: All Categories Are Equal, but ... [JOCN 22:9]Friedemann Pulvermüller, Elisa Cooper-Pye, Clare Dine, Olaf Hauk, Peter J. Nestor, Karalyn PattersonArticle2010-09-01
Word Play [COLI 33:4]Lauri KarttunenArticle2007-12-01
Word Order Variation in Lebanese Arabic DPs: In Support of Low Numerals [LING 48:1]Sarah Ouwayda, Ur ShlonskyArticle
Word Order and Scope: Transparent Interfaces and the ¾ Signature [LING 43:3]Jonathan David Bobaljik, Susi WurmbrandArticle2012-07-01
Word or Word-like? Dissociating Orthographic Typicality from Lexicality in the L... [JOCN 23:4]Anna M. Woollams, Giorgia Silani, Kayoko Okada, Karalyn Patterson, Cathy J. PriceArticle2011-04-01
Word Learning in 6-Month-Olds: Fast Encoding–Weak Retention [JOCN 23:11]Manuela Friedrich, Angela D. Friederici, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2011-11-01
Word Imageability Enhances Association-memory by Increasing Hippocampal Engageme... [JOCN 28:10]Jeremy B. Caplan, Jeremy B. Caplan, Christopher R. MadanArticle
Word Frequency Distributions [COLI 28:4]Geoffrey SampsonArticle2002-12-01
Word Formation at the Syntax-Morphology Interface: Denominal Adjectives in Bulga... [LING 49:2]Boris HarizanovArticle
Word and Object, New EditionWillard Van Orman QuineBook2013-02-22
Word and Nonword Repetition Within- and Across-Modality: An Event-Related Potent... [JOCN 7:2]Michael D. Rugg, Michael C. Doyle, Tony WellsArticle1995-04-01