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Some Points in a Time [COLI 31:1]Karen Spärck JonesArticle2005-03-01
Ontological Semantics [COLI 31:1]John F. SowaArticle2005-03-01
Publications Received [COLI 31:1]Article2005-03-01
The Proposition Bank: An Annotated Corpus of Semantic Roles [COLI 31:1]Martha Palmer, Daniel Gildea, Paul KingsburyArticle2005-03-01
Discriminative Reranking for Natural Language Parsing [COLI 31:1]Michael Collins, Terry KooArticle2005-03-01
Argumentation Machines: New Frontiers in Argumentation and Computation [COLI 31:1]Ingrid ZukermanArticle2005-03-01
Real versus Template-Based Natural Language Generation: A False Opposition? [COLI 31:1]Kees van Deemter, Mariët Theune, Emiel KrahmerArticle2005-03-01
Briefly Noted [COLI 31:1]Ronnie W. SmithArticle2005-03-01
Clustering Syntactic Positions with Similar Semantic Requirements [COLI 31:1]Pablo Gamallo, Alexandre Agustini, Gabriel P. LopesArticle2005-03-01
Tree-Local Multicomponent Tree-Adjoining Grammars with Shared Nodes [COLI 31:2]Laura KallmeyerArticle2005-06-01
Representing Discourse Coherence: A Corpus-Based Study [COLI 31:2]Florian Wolf, Edward GibsonArticle2005-06-01
A General Technique to Train Language Models on Language Models [COLI 31:2]Mark-Jan NederhofArticle2005-06-01
A Mathematical Model of Historical Semantics and the Grouping of Word Meanings i... [COLI 31:2]Martin C. CooperArticle2005-06-01
Remembering Bill Mann [COLI 31:2]Christian M. I. M. MatthiessenArticle2005-06-01
Timing of Target Discrimination in Human Frontal Eye Fields [JOCN 16:6]Jacinta O'Shea, Neil G. Muggleton, Alan Cowey, Vincent WalshArticle2004-07-01
Neural Correlates for the Suppression of Habitual Behavior: A Functional MRI Stu... [JOCN 16:6]Miwa Matsubara, Shuhei Yamaguchi, Jiang Xu, Shotai KobayashiArticle2004-07-01
Optimizing a Linear Algorithm for Real-Time Robotic Control using Chronic Cortic... [JOCN 16:6]Johan Wessberg, Miguel A. L. NicolelisArticle2004-07-01
How Would You Feel versus How Do You Think She Would Feel? A Neuroimaging Study ... [JOCN 16:6]Perrine Ruby, Jean DecetyArticle2004-07-01
The Influence of Semantic and Syntactic Context Constraints on Lexical Selection... [JOCN 16:6]Daniëlle van den Brink, Peter HagoortArticle2004-07-01
Cue Validity and Object-Based Attention [JOCN 16:6]Xun He, Silu Fan, Ke Zhou, Lin ChenArticle2004-07-01
Reaching Out to See: Arm Position Can Attenuate Human Visual Loss [JOCN 16:6]Krista Schendel, Lynn C. RobertsonArticle2004-07-01
Musical Training Enhances Automatic Encoding of Melodic Contour and Interval Str... [JOCN 16:6]Takako Fujioka, Laurel J. Trainor, Bernhard Ross, Ryusuke Kakigi, Christo PantevArticle2004-07-01
Behavioral and Neuroimaging Evidence for a Contribution of Color and Texture Inf... [JOCN 16:6]Jennifer K. E. Steeves, G. Keith Humphrey, Jody C. Culham, Ravi S. Menon, A. David Milner, Melvyn A. GoodaleArticle2004-07-01
Prefrontal Cortex Activity Associated with Source Monitoring in a Working Memory... [JOCN 16:6]Karen J. Mitchell, Marcia K. Johnson, Carol L. Raye, Erich J. GreeneArticle2004-07-01
Multisensory Interaction in Saccadic Reaction Time: A Time-Window-of-Integration... [JOCN 16:6]Hans Colonius, Adele DiederichArticle2004-07-01
A Role for Cortical Crosstalk in the Binding Problem: Stimulus-driven Correlatio... [JOCN 16:6]Vincent A. Billock, Brian H. TsouArticle2004-07-01
fMRI Evidence for Separable and Lateralized Prefrontal Memory Monitoring Process... [JOCN 16:6]Ian G. Dobbins, Jon S. Simons, Daniel L. SchacterArticle2004-07-01
Neural Correlates of Auditory Repetition Priming: Reduced fMRI Activation in the... [JOCN 16:6]Dafna Bergerbest, Dara G. Ghahremani, John D. E. GabrieliArticle2004-07-01
Haloperidol Impairs Learning and Error-related Negativity in Humans [JOCN 16:6]Patrick J. Zirnheld, Christine A. Carroll, Paul D. Kieffaber, Brian F. O'Donnell, Anantha Shekhar, William P. HetrickArticle2004-07-01
Dichoptic Visual Masking Reveals that Early Binocular Neurons Exhibit Weak Inter... [JOCN 16:6]Stephen L. Macknik, Susana Martinez-CondeArticle2004-07-01
Cortical Regions for Judgments of Emotions and Personality Traits from Point-lig... [JOCN 16:7]Andrea S. Heberlein, Ralph Adolphs, Daniel Tranel, Hanna DamasioArticle2004-09-01
The Effect of Phonological Repetition on Cortical Magnetic Responses Evoked by V... [JOCN 16:7]Takahiro Sekiguchi, Sachiko Koyama, Ryusuke KakigiArticle2004-09-01
Maturation of White Matter is Associated with the Development of Cognitive Funct... [JOCN 16:7]Zoltan Nagy, Helena Westerberg, Torkel KlingbergArticle2004-09-01
Neural Correlates of Retrieval Orientation: Effects of Study–Test Similarity [JOCN 16:7]Michael Hornberger, Alexa M. Morcom, Michael D. RuggArticle2004-09-01
Context-dependent Deactivation of the Amygdala during Pain [JOCN 16:7]Predrag Petrovic, Katrina Carlsson, Karl Magnus Petersson, Per Hansson, Martin IngvarArticle2004-09-01
Judging Time Intervals Using a Model of Perceptuo-Motor Control [JOCN 16:7]Madeleine A. Grealy, Cathy M. Craig, Christophe Bourdin, Simon G. ColemanArticle2004-09-01
Anticipating Words and Their Gender: An Event-related Brain Potential Study of S... [JOCN 16:7]Nicole Y. Y. Wicha, Eva M. Moreno, Marta KutasArticle2004-09-01
Development of Brain Mechanisms for Processing Orthographic and Phonologic Repre... [JOCN 16:7]James R. Booth, Douglas D. Burman, Joel R. Meyer, Darren R. Gitelman, Todd B. Parrish, M. Marsel MesulamArticle2004-09-01
Brain Signatures of Syntactic and Semantic Processes during Children's Language ... [JOCN 16:7]Anja Hahne, Korinna Eckstein, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2004-09-01
The Cerebellum and English Grammatical Morphology: Evidence from Production, Com... [JOCN 16:7]Timothy JustusArticle2004-09-01
Neural Bases of Talker Normalization [JOCN 16:7]Patrick C. M. Wong, Howard C. Nusbaum, Steven L. SmallArticle2004-09-01
An Event-related fMRI Study of Exogenous Orienting: Supporting Evidence for the ... [JOCN 16:7]Andrew R. Mayer, Michael Seidenberg, Jill M. Dorflinger, Stephen M. RaoArticle2004-09-01
Common and Contrasting Areas of Activation for Abstract and Concrete Concepts: A... [JOCN 16:7]Christine Whatmough, Louis Verret, Dion Fung, Howard ChertkowArticle2004-09-01
Deficits for Semantics and the Irregular Past Tense: A Causal Relationship? [JOCN 16:7]Lorraine K. Tyler, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Roy W. Jones, Peter Bright, Kadia Acres, William D. Marslen-WilsonArticle2004-09-01
Dissociating Confidence and Accuracy: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Show... [JOCN 16:7]Elizabeth F. Chua, Erin Rand-Giovannetti, Daniel L. Schacter, Marilyn S. Albert, Reisa A. SperlingArticle2004-09-01
Evidence of Developmental Differences in Implicit Sequence Learning: An fMRI Stu... [JOCN 16:8]Kathleen M. Thomas, Ruskin H. Hunt, Nathalie Vizueta, Tobias Sommer, Sarah Durston, Yihong Yang, Michael S. WordenArticle2004-10-01
Language Experience and the Organization of Brain Activity to Phonetically Simil... [JOCN 16:8]Debra L. Mills, Chantel Prat, Renate Zangl, Christine L. Stager, Helen J. Neville, Janet F. WerkerArticle2004-10-01
N400-like Semantic Incongruity Effect in 19-Month-Olds: Processing Known Words i... [JOCN 16:8]Manuela Friedrich, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2004-10-01
Common Neural Basis for Phoneme Processing in Infants and Adults [JOCN 16:8]G. Dehaene-Lambertz, T. GligaArticle2004-10-01
A Comparison of the Electroencephalogram between Institutionalized and Community... [JOCN 16:8]Peter J. Marshall, Nathan A. Fox, BEIP Core GroupArticle2004-10-01